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The numbers just don't add up. If there are more android devices running google search, google maps, and everything google that ios devices run, then their revenue should be higher from android than ios. Unless... The majority of android devices aren't running google search, maps, etc..
Apple chooses the focus points of their keynote. They don't dwell into every component inside the phone, whether they made it or not. What exactly is your point that you're trying to make here? So far, you're just making yourself look like an idiot. This article is what it is.
Yes. Apple designs their own AX chips based on the ARM architecture. They outsource the manufacturing to Samsung. In similar comparison, Apple designs the iPhone while Foxconn assembles it.
Apple sets out to make what they believe are "great products" and the success of their visions are the results of the sales. If people like it, they'll buy it and if they don't, they won't. Do the Apple haters really believe that we're all brainwashed into buying an Apple product? How ridiculous is that? Where were the tablets? Where were the ultrabooks? Where were the multi-touch smartphones? Sure, the competition is catching up but as long as Apple continues to be first...
Kindle Fire killer?
"The confusion in the case of many HSDPA 14.4 (Category 10) devices seems to center on whether it is or isn't HSPA+ if it doesn't include 64QAM support on the downlink (which starts in category 13). This is one of those few times that looking at the Wikipedia table for HSDPA UE categories can be misleading. UE categories with 64QAM are introduced in 3GPP release 7, however it's up to manufacturers to include or not include that feature when actually making hardware. It's...
"Apple hasn't stated what baseband is in the iPhone 4S (and I guess we won't know absolutely for certain until it gets opened up), but it is almost without doubt MDM6600 just like the Verizon iPhone 4. The specs all line up, and while that part doesn't include 64QAM on the downlink, it does include a number of the other HSPA+ features I've mentioned, and is thus 3GPP Rel.7 and therefore 'HSPA+.'"Source: http://www.anandtech.com/show/4943/t...spa-is-real-4g
I don't know why people are crying "lawsuit" over this. Other HSPA+ phones have been marketed as 4g devices and the ITU has classified it as 4g technology. There won't be any lawsuits nor will there be any merrits for one. It shouldn't make any difference at all. Personally, I'd rather it be marked by speed rather than G. Although the iphone 4s is capable of up to 14.4mbps download speeds, it's far from reality on ATT's network. However, LTE 4g speeds on ATT are pretty...
They do have their freedom to write/publish whatever they want. Apple also has the right to not extend an invitation to them. It goes both ways. The invitations are a privilege, not a right.
If your phone's stolen, send a remote wipe request then call your carrier and stop service immediately. Problem solved. If you're expecting a stolen iphone to be returned, keep on dreaming.
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