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They do have their freedom to write/publish whatever they want. Apple also has the right to not extend an invitation to them. It goes both ways. The invitations are a privilege, not a right.
If your phone's stolen, send a remote wipe request then call your carrier and stop service immediately. Problem solved. If you're expecting a stolen iphone to be returned, keep on dreaming.
We all have different experiences with the carriers. If it works, keep it. If it doesn't, switch. As for which carrier to keep or which carrier to switch to, that's completely open for debate and each person's experience will vary. We'll all come to a point where we're satisfied with the level of coverage/speed we're getting and stay. When that happens, it'll take more than a commercial or report to change one's mind.
Yes, I did say "was" classified. 4g just isn't that big of a deal as it is today. This article was about iphone speeds and someone mentioned the lack of 4g. With the lack of actual 4g coverage and speed, it really isn't much to brag about. By the time 4g reaches coverage levels of 3g, we'll start seeing 5g and it'll all repeat again. Nothing will stop the carriers from advertising and calling whatever network they have whatever they want to call it. I never implied that it...
7-9mbps? Really? on 4g? Before the whole "what's 4g and what's not" debate, 4g was classified to be 100mbps. 7-9mbps is more closer to HSPA+ (which is more like 3.5g but is also being called 4g now) and not true 4g speeds. Most people wouldn't care about what speeds they're getting, as long as it works and their web pages are loading rather quick enough.Verizon and Sprint's 3g speeds are a joke. They had to roll out 4g asap and use it as a marketing gimmick. Att on the...
I wonder if the people having issues also use yahoo email. I've pinpointed one iphone's battery problem to yahoo email being stalled often. Deleting it and using gmail fixed the problem. Being in a poor network coverage area will definitely affect battery life. The phone is constantly trying to switch antennas and or 3g/2g networks.
So did everyone just completely forget that just a month ago, stories of Samsung then HTC beating out Apple in Q3 was plastered on every blog and tech news site? And now all of a Sudden, Apple is still on top? I'd rather see carriers release the number of activations for each phone rather than some random survey.
You can buy books, music and movies from any source, including hard copies on CD or DVD. They can then be transferred over to an ios device using itunes. Apps, however, have to be purchased through Apple's app store. The only way to install 3rd party apps from other sources is to jailbreak the device, which isn't something I recommend doing. The books, music and movies you buy from itunes can also be moved to other devices. They're all stored in the itunes media folder and...
For every person with a job in China, there's at least a hundred without. They'll just fire them and hire new workers, then they'll be sorry they participated in the strike. Harsh, but that's the reality over there. Those jobs are there for a reason, cheap labor. Bringing it to the states wouldn't make sense from a business perspective. No company is out to do a public service. They're all in the business to make money. For the ones who complain, why don't they start...
Apple sometimes take risks on features that are already available but not very popular. Voice commands have been around for awhile, even on iphones. What Apple did was improve on it, then marketed it. When consumers respond, like and actually use it, all the other manufacturers jump on the bandwagon. If Apple brought back the stylus, all the other companies would do it too and say they've had it for years.
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