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Samsung is painting a horrible picture of apple and trying to convince koreans that this is a race war between koreans and americans. They own the media there. Despite that, there are still millions of fans who are smart enough to not buy samsung's ridiculous race war claims. If they blocked the sale of apple in korea, it would backfire 10 fold when koreans start pointing at samsung as the evil cooporation who lied to them. Right now, samsung is doing a decent job in...
I never had a problem using gmail through ios's native email app, setup as exchange using google active sync. I'm not really sure why anyone would need a separate app. Like some people, I too switched to an @me account.
The neonode gave their demonstration AFTER the iphone was already released. The patent itself was filed in 2005, two years before the iphone came out. So who copied who? We don't know. What we do know, is apple applied for and was awarded the patent.
The patent application was made in 2005? Two years before anyone saw it on the iphone. I'm not gonna get into whether it should be patentable or not though, I don't know anything about intellectual property. I would have to agree that it was first seen and utilized on an apple product though.
My 4s battery goes down about 1% per hour on standby, with everything enabled including bluetooth, wifi, notifications and location services. I have my brightness turned all the way up. With regular usage, I'm usually down to 30% at the EOD so a nightly charge is definitely required. But then again, it's always been this way with all the iphones I've owned. I do suspect something with the ios5 software that's causing some people to experience faster battery drain...
The phones without wireless service is just an expensive ipod touch. Why don't you compare the costs of a 32gb ipod touch instead since you're not including wireless service. I believe it's around $299.
How did you come up with that figure? Are you saying that if your monthly bill with a nexus one would be less than if you had an iphone?No, I'm implying that with or without an iphone, in or out of contract, my monthly phone bill would remain the same with any competing smartphone. I'll take that 4s for free, if my monthly bill remained the same. However, I'll gladly turn down a junk phone and pay $199 for the 4s instead. Which is exactly what I did.I've called numerous...
If it was for myself, I would've wanted a refresh. But for my son, he doesn't care. He's still happy with last years model and is only requesting for more storage.When he can pay his own bill. He'll continue to use his dumb phone until that happens. He'll be the one to choose and I don't know what he'll want when that time comes. I would never force an apple product on him, even though I like them myself.
Well, it doesn't matter what their profit margin is. We as consumers are paying the same base prices for iphones as people do for android phones. As far as I'm concerned I paid $199. With or without the iphone, I would still have a cell phone bill. Unlike other nitpickers, I calculate the monthly bill as part of my cost of service rather than cost of phone.Use any smartphone and the wireless bill remains the same, in contract or out. I was out of contract since Jan 2011...
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