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I wouldn't put apple at #2 for smartphones just yet. The whole shipped vs sold issue really gives us a vague image of what's really out there. They should just look at profits instead.
I've always purchased nintendo handhelds for my son in the past. When he was due for a new handheld, I gave him the option to choose. It was either a nintendo ds or an ipod touch and he chose the ipod touch. It's almost time for a new gift and he's already requested another ipod touch but with more storage than his current 8gb model.
You can buy it from itunes and still read it elsewhere. You didn't know that? Just look in the itunes data folder and drag it over.Is there still a myth that if you buy something through apple's itunes, that you're stuck using an apple device? The same applies for songs and movies. Just drag it over. I've been buying music from itunes long before I owned an ipod/iphone. I used to put them on my mp3 players that held 20 songs at a time.
I'm not one to debate on what's "real" multitasking and what's "fake" multitasking. As far as I'm concerned, it could play music in the background while surfing the web and get notified of messages and emails while doing so. That to me, is multitasking.
I believe they buried them in the Nevada desert.
They weren't competitors at the time. The moment google entered the mobile os market, schmidt was removed from Apple's board. At the time, Apple was working closely with Google to beat Microsoft in the search business and how to further integrate Google's services into ios. Jobs and co shared ideas and trade secrets with Schmidt, whom in turn went straight back to Google to implement them into android. In fact, Jobs showed off the iphone concept to Schmidt and talked often...
It's not that they can't afford it. Their population is so huge, that their 1% upper-class population is like 60% of our population. Ok that was a huge exaggeration, but you get the point. We hear about the sweat shops and low wages because the low-class population is huge. The good jobs are already filled, leaving the poorer people to fight for sweat shop jobs. They can't just have kids and get on welfare like people can here in the states.It's safe to state that there...
Box.net offers 50 gigs for free until Dec 2. I personally haven't really fully used these types of services. I have an account with google docs that I rarely use and just signed up with Box.net for their 50 gigs. In addition to the 5 gigs from icloud, I really don't see any need to be converted into a paying customer when free services are plentiful.
I wish I had 10,000 shares of apple... I own a measly 30 shares, yet I'm proud of it.
I preordered two iphones directly from ATT that were delivered on 10/14. They didn't ship until 10/13 though, overnight fedex.
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