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I was also at the selling screen when Apple was at $411. As I sat and thought about it, I decided not to. This time, I have a price in mind when I will definitely sell half of my shares.
Absolutely agree. I have to admit, even someone in my own circle of friends have taken advantage of Apple. He purchased a 16gig iphone 3gs along with Applecare. He then bought a non functional 32gig 3gs from craigslist. He somehow managed to get Apple to replace that broken 32gig!! From what he said, the guys at the GB refused at first because their records clearly indicated he bought a 16 gig model. After some discussion, they agreed to replace it as a one time deal. It's...
They have a 14 day refund policy. If your phone is defective, I'm sure you would know within that time frame. I would suggest returning it for a full refund. If you purchased it from apple.com, you can return it at any apple store. If you purchased it from your carrier, I would assume you can return it to one of their retail stores. I've only had to deal with ATT so I can't speak for the other companies. I purchased a 8 gig 3g phone a few weeks after it launched and...
Not everyone pays $1k a year for service. Moms are usually on family plans with their adult children who pays the bill for them. That's the case with my own mother. I have 4 lines on my family account with 3 iphones. My mom is still using the dumb phone though. If I were to upgrade her phone to a smartphone, it'd only cost $15 more a month for data. If I divide my annual bill by 4 phones, it comes out to about $500 per phone per year. Not too shabby at all. On the other...
If you saw the keynote on Tuesday, you'll see where apple's target is. They're not focusing on converting android fanboys. They're more interested in the huge piece of the pie that consists of consumers who do not own a smartphone yet.
That's actually a very good tag line. I'm surprised Apple didn't use it themselves. "The most amazing iphone ever..." "The best phone on the market just got better."
HSDPA, HSUPA, HSPA+, blah blah. Who cares? In actuality, what speeds can consumers see on ATT? Please don't start quoting websites about what they claim their speeds to be. I'm interested in real world data speeds on the iphone 4s. I could care less what technology it's running on. I have an iphone 4 now on ATT and I'm getting realistic speeds of 3-5mbps downloads on average in the areas I frequently visit. On wifi, I'm reaching 13mbps. The question is whether the...
How many seconds faster does your phone load a common website vs say an iphone? Even if you are getting 30mbps down consistently, the limitations of your phone would prevent it from loading the page any faster than a desktop pc on a 3mbps connection. Downloading files/apps would be the only advantage, which is usually done over wifi.
They will be paying upwards of $900+ for someone to stand in line and buy iphones for them.
70+ billion dollars can afford them the best lawyers for almost an unlimited number of lawsuits. In the end, they'll win some and lose some. The ones they win, they'll make sure to recoup their lawyer fees. I really don't see apple losing out.
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