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Holy OLD Android troll joke!  As Apple has proven on Tuesday, that isn't the direction being taken for making the iPhone larger.  On top of that, the Android freaks were making jokes about the iPhone 5 being made longer, but they all failed to realize Apple was just going to 16:9 like all of the flagship Android phones of the time. 
If you're printing through Adobe, make sure you select "Actual Size" from the print menu...
I'm going to attempt to jump on the 6 Plus 64 GB. That's the bargain phone, and it'll replace my Galaxy Tab 3 for tablet use. I am a little concerned about how it'll fit in my pocket, though... 
You'll have to wait until next year. I have a feeling Apple might keep the 4" size around, and that's when the next "C" model will come around... with at least TouchID, and probably fitted with 5S internals. 
Maybe faster than Verizon or Sprint 3G, but nowhere close to what I got with AT&T's 3G... more like 4-5 Mbps. 
Mine isn't even showing an update. Oh wait... there it is.
This is starting to sound a little more like it. I'm betting on Apple using sapphire. 
Welcome to iOS 8, carrier support dependent.  That isn't what I took from his comment...
It's been talked about before... the pill-shaped flash Apple used for the 5S was a stop-gap design until the multi-colored single unit was ready. It appears it's now ready.
That's what I was afraid of... grrrr. Oh well.  Someone mentioned adding a Bluetooth 4.0 dongle, but we all know Apple will restrict it based on Mac model. Adding the dongle will only be a waste of time and money. 
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