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So... let me get this straight...   A little band that almost nobody has heard of is moaning the blues over royalties not going to them during a 3 month FREE trial that APPLE ISN'T MAKING MONEY ON, EITHER (!!) for a service that is just about to launch. Well, if Apple never came out with Apple Music in the first place, they wouldn't be making any money from a new service at all.    I saw the tweet from this moron. He makes it sound like Apple is making money during...
This isn't deleting "OLD" backups. It deletes ALL backups for that device. Since backups are merged, it's almost pointless deleting the entire backup file per device to only take HOURS to create another new backup. This article is completely useless.
Mine: Sprint Framily Plan: unlimited talk, text and data w/ annual upgrades (on Sprint with NO throttling): $45 + $20.84 (DIP) = $65.84 + taxes = +/- $72 per month. I pay full retail price sales tax down, or any amount over that if I want to lower the monthly payment. That's roughly the same price on their iPhone for Life plan, which is $70. Oh, and you're stuck another 2 years every time you upgrade with a 2-year AT&T contract. Sprint offers no-contract, just pay off the...
I was with AT&T for several years. When they stopped giving me annual upgrades due to being the account holder with 5 lines of all iPhones, it was time to switch carriers. AT&T is great at giving then taking away. Enough was enough.  I considered T-Mobile, but they're horrid in many rural areas, which is mostly where I'm at. They still have nothing better than EDGE in my city, the largest city between Pittsburgh and Harrisburg, and there are too many holes in between. I'll...
Am I the only one who still uses AOL mail? It has better spam filters than most, it's been the most reliable (for me, anyways) and they've had push notifications for iOS for years, plus it plays nice with IMAP mail clients (Mac & iOS Mail)... and it is NOT GOOGLE. Well, AOL, it's been a great run. Since you've been burned at the stake by Verizon, I might have to finally start looking elsewhere after nearly 30 years. Verizon is the 2nd evil behind Google.
Shamdung is already starting the fire sales on these turds, at least at Sprint.   
I don't get the point of widgets. I've owned Android devices, and I can't stand widgets. You have to tap twice as many times to get to apps you want to use, just to get passed the damn widgets. Not everyone lives with 8 favorite apps all the time. 
"iPhone owners will often claim features such as a smoother interface, better-integrated features and higher build quality..."   ... and security... don't forget security... and Apple doesn't make money by selling YOU...    Those are two of my strongest points that never get argument. 
That's just how it works, regardless of who your cellular carrier is. 
Probably because T-Mobile was the first US carrier to offer it.  Where in Settings are you looking? Go to: Settings > Phone > Wi-Fi Calls I found it in the settings on my 6, but my fiancé's 5S isn't showing the option.... weird... yes, they're both updated to iOS 8.3.
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