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A friend of mine switched from Windows Phone to an iPhone 6 last year, and he still says he wishes he would've started buying iPhones sooner.    Oh, on a side note, it's phablet, not fablet. The word was derived by combining "phone" and "tablet" to come up with "phablet". ;)
That is correct. Those options are gone.  On the plus side, initial setup using an iPhone is pretty quick simple. That will at least save the hassle of entering in network passwords. 
A8X is has a tri-core GPU and dual-core CPU. 
You take yours swimming? I guess you missed the part that the 6s and 6s Plus are made of 7000 Series aluminum, and are extremely durable compared to 6/6 Plus. There are also water resistance techniques used in the 6s/6s Plus phones. 
I love having iPhone Forever upgrades with Sprint.
It's not a lease. He meant to say you renew the financing agreement, and the previous balance is wiped clean. You pay for 24 months, with the option to turn it in and upgrade every 12 months.  I was buying on installments with Sprint. I decided to just start leasing this year, since the payments are cheaper and I upgrade every year anyway. I still have the option to buy out the lease if I decide I want to keep it. 
https://itunes.apple.com/US/movie/id277048813 You should watch it. You'll see just how wrong you are. You can thank Big Oil. The Honda Insight was the first hybrid sold in the USA, 7 months before the Prius. Honda screwed up by making it a 2-seater. It was MUCH more efficient than the Prius, with many owners reporting 70+ MPG. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Honda_Insight
Um... I've been able to use all of this since April (iOS 8.3) on my Sprint iPhone 6. Sprint was second to have WiFi calling, behind T-Mobile. Same goes for Continuity. I've been able to text (SMS) and place/recieve phone calls via my MacBook Pro and iPad Air 2... again, since April.   http://www.theverge.com/2015/4/8/8373525/iphone-wifi-calling-sprint-ee-ios-update   How is this any different than what Sprint iPhone users have been able to do since April and iOS 8.3?
Let's put some of this big phone who-was-first crap to rest. The reason phones started getting to sizes they are today is directly related to when LTE was coming around. The 2-for-1 chipsets required a LOT of space AND battery to make use of it = bigger phones. That's why Apple held off until Gen 2 chipsets came around before using LTE in the iPhones. The first LTE phone in the USA was the HTC Thunderbolt on Verizon, and it had a 4.3" screen.   There. A tidbit of history...
It was already announced last week (or so) that a company (I forget which one) will have similar displays ready for Android etc. partners by next year. Of course Sammy will be first to offer it, and it won't work nearly as well as Apple's solution that they actually spent YEARS on development. 
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