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I sincerely hope you're first in line when the American federal government wants to install RFID chips in our bodies for our "protection" of "terrorism" acts. The American government is not our friend. Our votes and outcries mean nothing. The government will do whatever it pleases, as it's above us in power and actions. Our government has gotten too big, and "We The People" means next to nothing anymore.  No foil hat needed. The writing is on the wall. If you can't read...
That's probably a little overkill, considering music, photos and documents take up the most space. If you have a huge music library, iTunes Match has that covered, so no need for a ton of iCloud storage. That leaves photos, documents and iCloud email/attachments. I think email should be unlimited, not restricted to your iCloud allotment.  If anything, I agree that iCloud storage should be, at a minimum, 5GB per device, not Apple ID. Apple could monitor this by backups per...
Even a very slim case on the 6 or 6 Plus eliminates the issue. Why aren't people putting these phones in cases? $650 - $950 (plus tax) is nothing to sneeze at. It's like owning a car without some type of insurance. I just don't get it. 
I've had my 6 since December, and it's been in a case since day one, a very slim case at that. The camera lens doesn't even protrude to match the thickness of that slim case.  Since most people use a case on their iPhones, the protruding lens is basically irrelevant.  For Apple to fit the sensor into the thin chassis of the iPhone 6, that means protrusion. Otherwise, they'd have to make the phones thicker, which we all know won't happen.  Many Android phones, even fairly...
My (former) Galaxy Tab had more bloatware than any Windoze computer I've ever owned. NONE of it can be easily removed, especially carrier (Sprint model) specific apps without rooting it and installing a custom ROM. Considering Android's lack of security as it is, there was no way I was rooting that thing. 
Great... that means we'll have to start paying tax on internet and data. It's not taxable in PA, surprisingly.
That sounds like something a fAndroid users with no legitimate comeback would say. Well done. 
Sprint has been doing something like this for quite a while, and it doesn't require a year for it to happen.
Which is why I always prefer to buy a car without GPS built-in. 
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