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Sprint has been doing something like this for quite a while, and it doesn't require a year for it to happen.
Which is why I always prefer to buy a car without GPS built-in. 
I've been using Apple Maps almost exclusively since it came out. If I haven't gotten lost yet in the sticks of central PA, I'd say it's not too shabby. I use TomTom (app) if I'm somewhere without a data connection and need to get out (not dependent on data). I'll also use TomTom for major trips, since it's not constantly pulling data (performance only - I have unlimited data). It also helps keep the iPhone a little cooler, since it's not pulling as much data along with GPS...
So, this goof wants another $160,000 on top of the $81 MILLION in "attorney fees"? Um, sure... that sounds fair... :eyeroll:
If every company Apple licenses from felt they should pay more (due to their success) and got away with it, that wouldn't be far from the case.  The problem here is, why should Apple be forced to pay more than any other company for use of the same patents?  That's what gets me when sites try to guesstimate how much it "costs" to build an iPhone. There is so much not taken into account. Not that Apple doesn't make a healthy profit, but there is much more involved in the...
I'll stick with RDM+ if I really need remote access to my Mac. 
Considering the first Parrot systems were running Android 2.x... 
All of those other "competitors" are barely making a profit, let alone one worth talking about. It's not about beating a dead horse. It's about beating down a criminal of a company that should be put out of business, and that's just not the Mobile Division. Nearly all of Samsung's product lines are guilty of the same type of copyright infringement... appliances, TVs (electronics in general) etc., all infringe upon other companies' patents or designs... LG, Dyson and plenty...
Bold section: two words: Mophie Juicepack.  Grab yourself a 5S and a Juicepack. Double the battery with no more squared off edges, AND it doubles the size of the iPhone. Problem (for you) solved. Oh, and it'll be plastic in your hands, just like you like it.  
I'd surely hope not. Talk about double dipping. 
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