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Shamdung is already starting the fire sales on these turds, at least at Sprint.   
I don't get the point of widgets. I've owned Android devices, and I can't stand widgets. You have to tap twice as many times to get to apps you want to use, just to get passed the damn widgets. Not everyone lives with 8 favorite apps all the time. 
"iPhone owners will often claim features such as a smoother interface, better-integrated features and higher build quality..."   ... and security... don't forget security... and Apple doesn't make money by selling YOU...    Those are two of my strongest points that never get argument. 
That's just how it works, regardless of who your cellular carrier is. 
Probably because T-Mobile was the first US carrier to offer it.  Where in Settings are you looking? Go to: Settings > Phone > Wi-Fi Calls I found it in the settings on my 6, but my fiancé's 5S isn't showing the option.... weird... yes, they're both updated to iOS 8.3.
What does anything I said have to do with storing photos in the cloud? Nothing. Absolutely nothing.  I'll elaborate. When you are adding a picture to a website, such as this one in comments, you click on the button to add the image. When Finder opens, there's a section towards the bottom of the sidebar labeled "Media" that lets you choose between Music, Photos or Movies. "Pictures" in the sidebar does not give you the option to pull from iPhoto or Aperture. It shows the...
Can anyone confirm if they fixed the bug of missing "Media" section when trying to access pictures from Aperture (or iPhoto) in Finder for uploading to websites? Oh, and the inability to access pictures in Photos in the same instance without requiring to actually launch Photos? I was running the beta, but decided to revert back due to those issues, and when I discovered my complete iTunes was empty... I really hope that's all sorted before I update.
Let me try to get this right... You had a customer DISCRIMINATE against an employee of yours, so you threw him out. That makes it ok for YOU, as the business owner, to DISCRIMINATE against people whom you know NOTHING about? On top of that, those very people most likely did/will do NOTHING discriminatory against you, your business or employees. That doesn't matter though... right? As long as you have a reason to judge someone, that makes it ok, even though your...
I really hope Apple gets the Finder view for Photos working before release. As it is, the Media section doesn't always appear to select Photos. When it does, you can't select any pictures within the Finder window under Photos. You have to launch the Photos app, copy the picture to the desktop, THEN you can upload the picture by choosing it from the desktop. It's quite annoying.
New Posts  All Forums: