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Maybe faster than Verizon or Sprint 3G, but nowhere close to what I got with AT&T's 3G... more like 4-5 Mbps. 
Mine isn't even showing an update. Oh wait... there it is.
This is starting to sound a little more like it. I'm betting on Apple using sapphire. 
Welcome to iOS 8, carrier support dependent.  That isn't what I took from his comment...
It's been talked about before... the pill-shaped flash Apple used for the 5S was a stop-gap design until the multi-colored single unit was ready. It appears it's now ready.
That's what I was afraid of... grrrr. Oh well.  Someone mentioned adding a Bluetooth 4.0 dongle, but we all know Apple will restrict it based on Mac model. Adding the dongle will only be a waste of time and money. 
I hope this isn't a sign that the 2010 15" MacBook Pro won't support all of this. If so, it looks like I'll have to upgrade as soon as financially possible...  At least you have calls working. I guess that's a good sign. Let's hope beta 2 of at least one of them gets it working correctly. 
The timeline between releasing something and OEMs actually jumping on it are entirely different things. NOBODY (other than Apple) was prepared to jump on 64-bit until after Apple did it last year. What was that comment from Qualcomm's big guy after the A7 announcement that lead to his demotion? Ah, yeah... hindsight.  Don't you think if Samsung was really preparing for it, they'd have been pushing Google to prep Android way before now? Amazing how logic comes into play. 
It's now buried way in there...  Tap on the MoreScroll down until you find FeedsGo the whole way to the bottom of the first section. That's where you'll find Most Recent GRRRR!!! I hate Facebook more with every update! 
From the looks of it, this is about the overall length and width of an iPhone 5S with a Mophie Juicepack on it. I've definitely managed to use it one-handed, and I have average sized male hands. The big difference is the thickness of the Mophie. Delete that thickness, and it would be much easier to use than what I currently experience. 
New Posts  All Forums: