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No it won't. The only reason the 5S has the 32GB option now is because it had that option when Apple started making it. There is no 32GB chip based on the same design used for the iPhone 6. Apple won't waste resources to make one, either, since the phones will now be sold for less money. You make absolutely no sense. If there is a 2nd tier for a continued iPhone 6, it'll be the 64GB model. 
Why not? According to you there's a 32GB iPhone 6 available... you've mentioned it numerous times. 
You keep talking about a 32GB iPhone 6, not a 5S. Apple never made a 32GB iPhone 6, and I really doubt they ever will. 
THERE IS NO 32GB OPTION FOR THE IPHONE OR IPAD ANYMORE!!! Where do you keep coming up with this 32GB option? It doesn't exist!
No. It's still there, though this update seemed to have some issues installing everything. It went through the update process 3 times before it actually finished, for me, without any notices saying "some updates couldn't be installed..." or something like that. 
Here's a legitimate scenario for use of this service: You get a text: "Hey. Where are you?"You: "The store."Other: "If I send you some cash, can you pick up a couple things for me?"... The idea of people sending others money isn't because they're in debt. My mom frequently sends money to me via PayPal to pick up things at the store for her. My one cousin who lives 200 miles away has sent money to me via PayPal to help out her son who lives nearby.
Considering ALL fraud liability will now fall in the hands of the business who accepts the credit card, I think it's pretty safe to bet they'll all upgrade. After all, most merchant banks won't be charging much for upgrading the store's equipment, since they're still making a profit on the transaction, and more ways to accept payments means more profit for the merchant bank. 
"As an aside, I truly wish Apple would go back to putting the on/off button on top. Sigh."   I don't. I'm glad it's on the side for the 6/6+. It's so much easier to use considering the size of these phones. 
If you're referring to WiFi Assist, it's buried clear at the bottom of the cellular data (mobile data) screen, underneath all of the app permissions...  I didn't think I had it, either, until I scrolled the whole way down. 
I got the iCloud Drive popup with the first public beta...
New Posts  All Forums: