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It was already announced last week (or so) that a company (I forget which one) will have similar displays ready for Android etc. partners by next year. Of course Sammy will be first to offer it, and it won't work nearly as well as Apple's solution that they actually spent YEARS on development. 
The way it works for iPhone 6s clearly requires 3D Touch. It's a completely different way versus how it's done on iPad. Nowhere in the article did it say it's strictly a 3D Touch feature. 
Bing has some good filters, too. It will also allow you to search for results by time/recent: all, past 24 hours, past week, past month. 
Here comes all the "Apple is doomed!" crap, saying the iPhone 6s models aren't selling as fast. I was with my aunt at our Sprint store, as I was helping here upgrade to a 6s Plus. The store manager said Apple only trickles stock into stores to keep demand strong. I seriously wanted to reach over the counter and smack that guy. Apparently, he has no clue of the magnitude of demand this phone is generating. He's just used to Samsung and all the others sending a ton of stock...
You don't HAVE to use it on batteries. You're more than welcome to keep it plugged in, but it will eventually shorten battery life. 
You are aware of Reachability, right? Double tapping (not pushing) on the home button will shift the top screen elements down to the middle, making it much easier to reach objects from the upper part of the screen when using one hand. 
It is for transit directions. 
Exactly. On top of that, NO consumer-grade SD Card is capable of the speed and stability of Apple's internal storage. That's something the Android community just can't understand, even when the hard proof is smacking them square in the face. 
You must be looking at WHOLESALE pricing from Gazelle or something similar, as retail pricing, such as final selling prices on eBay, etc., are much better than 50%.  Want to hear a good one? My 2010 15" MacBook Pro is, right now, worth about 45-50% of original price... from FIVE YEARS AGO. 
 It's not always a matter of someone not being responsible with finances. Have you never hard of someone's place of employment going out of business, or someone falling critically ill who can't work, and trying to get disability can take YEARS? When your income suddenly stops, it's beyond one's control. That can severely damage credit, and many creditors only care about one thing - their money. They claim they'll work with you, but when it comes down to it, they still...
New Posts  All Forums: