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"At $349, FLIR ONE may cost more than the phone it's attached to..."   Not everyone buys new iPhones on a contract with subsidy. Yes, the 5s is now the $549 iPhone, but that's still $200 more than the FLIR. 
Safari on iPhone (former 5s, now 6) still crashes when trying to delete history.
Considering most carrier stores STILL haven't gotten 6 Plus stock, this isn't surprising. Too bad they didn't take that into consideration when they threw out these numbers. MANY customers prefer to upgrade through their carrier stores, or have to (Sprint Framily Plan members have to upgrade in-store). I was trying to hold out for the 6 Plus, but eventually just got the 6 since my Sprint store still has no clue when they'll get the Plus.
I'd rather just do the DIP. That's what I'm doing with my iPhone 6 through Sprint, but I'm on the Framily Plan. Since I have unlimited data, I can either upgrade (trade-in) every 12 months, or just pay it off over 24 months, then it's mine to do with as I wish. The "iPhone for Life" deal isn't that much of a deal, and neither is this iPad plan. If I do get an iPad through Sprint, it'll be on the DIP (device installment plan) if I don't have the extra cash to just buy it...
I've been with Sprint since the beginning of this year. I will admit, their service is pretty lousy. It reminds me of AT&T from about 6-8 years ago. I can't think of any instance I ever got close to 10 Mbps on an LTE speed test, and the roaming (on Verizon) has nearly zero data usage on this or the Framily Plan (note: unlimited while on SPRINT'S network... not roaming).    On the other hand, Sprint is very forgiving to those who have credit issues, requiring very little...
It would be a major pain, but you could reset the dictionary/keyboard.
You mentioned AT&T used to be a brand in Canada. How long have you been using iPhones? Has it been since those days? If so, my guess is old learned behavior.For me, AT&T doesn't pop up until I type "&".
Holy OLD Android troll joke!  As Apple has proven on Tuesday, that isn't the direction being taken for making the iPhone larger.  On top of that, the Android freaks were making jokes about the iPhone 5 being made longer, but they all failed to realize Apple was just going to 16:9 like all of the flagship Android phones of the time. 
If you're printing through Adobe, make sure you select "Actual Size" from the print menu...
I'm going to attempt to jump on the 6 Plus 64 GB. That's the bargain phone, and it'll replace my Galaxy Tab 3 for tablet use. I am a little concerned about how it'll fit in my pocket, though... 
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