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Ok great, i'll check it out. I already have CCC so i must have a read through the documentation. Thanks for your help.
Thanks for your reply smax. So Carbon Copy Cloner can do automatic backups of new / changed files, just like TimeMachine does?
I have a Western DIgital 6TB hard drive that i use with TimeMachine. Included in this backup are all four of my MacPro's internal HD's and one external USB HD which contains my iTunes library. It's a complete backup of all my data and has a total size of around 3TB. This TimeMachine drive is plugged into my computer at all times and is set to make daily backups. I also have a 2TB Western Digital drive which i would like to use to backup only my most important files...
Ok, i guess I'm gonna have to look for a different drive. Thanks a lot for your help RobM.
Thanks for your reply RobM. I'm hoping it's as simple as that but i've read that the Rugged gets very hot when in use, and if i was to replace the HD with a WD Caviar Black 2TB, i wonder would this cause problems. Anyone here with any experience in replacing the HD in the Rugged?
I want to buy a portable hard drive to keep my iTunes library on for DJing with Tractor Pro on my MacBook. I really like the look of the LaCie Rugged but the largest capacity of these is 1TB. My iTunes library currently stands at almost 700GB. I'm sure i wont be long maxing out a 1TB drive as i mostly buy Wav files. I'm wondering if it's possible to replace the HD in the LaCie Rugged? I'd like to replace it with a 2TB 7200rpm drive if possible. Thanks.
Is it possible to resize the columns in the Library>Music section of iTunes and have it apply to all of my playlists? I have hundreds of playlist and it would be impossible to get them all the exact way i have the columns set in Music. Hope someone can help me. I've asked this on a few other forums but didn't find a solution.
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