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fake fake fake fake Why the hell would the new iPod's front row interface have a DVD icon.... for the amazing DISC DRIVING IT DOESN'T HAVE?! I am calling Fake. Especially since Apple would not want to use Mac OS X specific icons for a cross platform device. And what kind of idiot people who don't want their info leaked early put up a banner on Sunday night for a Tuesday morning event?
I have this weird feeling that nothing is going on right now...
yes, they need it now, otherwise they will fall into obscurity.
you'd probably get one with the money you'd be spending for all those features....
What I do is take the eyeTV recording, and run it through iSquint, because the eyeTV export settings make files too large for me. However, this thing is really fast. It is hard to describe. If you want me to take some HD show and convert it for you at a certain setting, I can do that for you all.
i love my new MacBook Pro, 17", it is so super fast, I am in HD heaven, personally. I have had this EyeTV 500 for the past year, and not been able to record or watch video without dropping frames and stuttering. Tonight, watching Veronica Mars finale, was an amazing revelation. Dashboard is now really convenient in loading instantly and getting rid of it instantly. I opened Photoshop and it ran as slow as it ever has, but I was not expecting anything great to occur, I...
i better start impregnating people now.
I will do myself one better and present you with the exciting fast paced video I took this morning of me opening my new MacBook Pro:1 MB Quicktime
photos! photos!
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