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They should get out of the RAM business too…they are gouging customers with their memory upgrade pricing.
        I think you're missing something here.   For many thousands of users, both personal and business,  Filemaker IS THE RDBMS, and all the issues you mention about SQL support are completely irrelevant.    There is a huge range of applications which require nothing outside of the Filemaker environment, and there is no need for any bridges to SQL/PHP/XML/whatever.   If it weren't so expensive it would have captured a much greater market share for small to mid size...
    It doesn't sound like you are actually proficient with the product.   I don't think anything comes close to Filemaker for speed, flexibility, and ease of development, provided you understand the paradigm.     The problem is that when it's time to deploy, you need to pay around $300/seat for a full-blown development environment (Filemaker Pro), when what's really needed is a lightweight cheap client like Filemaker GO.
     Filemaker is stuck in a 1990's mentality, the same type of thinking that almost killed Apple.  "Our products are so insanely great that people will pay whatever price we set."    What's really happening is that everyone is turning to much lower cost solutions (SQL/PHP) and eventually Filemaker will lose all of its market share.  They need to make some serious price cuts if they're going to stay in business.
  YES, a thousand times yes!   Ancient superstitions and mythology have no place in government, the duty of public officials is to uphold the federal and state constitutions.
  I think the Z10 actually looks better than the iPhone, which is riddled with numerous holes for the earpiece, proximity sensor, home button, etc.  Time for Apple to revise the design into something cleaner and more Apple-like.
  Kutcher speaks as if he was like, some teenage girl who like, was texting someone.
The plural of "phenomenon" is "phenomena."
Well let's see, $2 million a month salary...that means for every HOUR on the job Mansfield is being paid $12,500. Hard to believe there's nobody qualified to take that position at a less extravagant salary.
  This has been the problem with MS for decades.  The best example is MS Word, especially the early versions.  Once Apple had established that a GUI was far more effective than the command line, Microsoft's response was "Icons?  You want Icons?  We'll give you icons!"    So they released MS Word with row after row of icons which duplicated everything in the menus, and ended up taking up half the entire computer screen.   To this day I can't believe they are still wasting...
New Posts  All Forums: