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When the Macintosh was introduced in 1984 it had 100% market share for GUI computing.
Apple almost folded in the late 90s because the Mac marketshare was too low for developers to bother with. The only thing that saved the company was the iPod and its halo effect. It's naive to think that Apple can pull another rabbit out of its hat when the iPhone's market share gets pushed below 10% by ubiquitous and cheap Android phones.
Looxcie. Available for 11 different Android phones. Will be available for "additional operating systems" in Fall 2010. History repeats itself...
Let's pray they don't use the same boneheaded non-polarized connector that USB uses, it's annoying as hell to be always flipping it around when it doesn't insert the first time. If they do it right, LightPeak will use a ROUND barrel connector, with power carried on the inside and outside of the barrel, and a single coaxial optical fiber in the center. The fiber would carry data in both directions. Sadly, I suspect Intel will take the easy route as usual, and provide...
Correct, Apple and IBM had no interest in establishing a higher-performance alternative platform. If they had, they would not have completely dropped the ball on CHRP. Yet another golden opportunity lost to Jobs' unrelenting need for 100% control over everything Apple does.
That's for sure. The word *it's* means IT IS or IT HAS. The word you want is "its."
Where's my 2.4 Ghz Mac mini?
When Windows 1.0 was introduced in 1985 Microsoft had ZERO SHARE in the market for GUI-based operating systems. Obviously their persistence and aggressive marketing has paid off well over the past few decades. In view of this history it's really silly to claim that Microsoft should just drop out of the music player market because their current market share is low. History can repeat itself.
I hope Apple wakes up and realizes they don't need to extort such high prices for their hardware. Any company that has $18 billion in the bank has way too much profit margin!
I hope it knocks some sense into Apple, who seem to think that their customers will pay ANY price for the hardware just for the opportunity to use OS X. The company has so much cash it's obvious that their profit margins are much higher than necessary to support R&D costs.
New Posts  All Forums: