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Really strange that after 2 years the mac mini is still at the same speed. Does the Intel roadmap shed any light on when the next mac mini speed bump will happen?
C'est what?
Really? Do you think they're aware that many users (including me) are so pissed off waiting for the mac mini update that they're seriously considering building a hackintosh? Jobs once said it's better to cannibalize your own product line than have customers buy elsewhere, but I really don't think they've learned that lesson yet.---------------------------------------------------------------APOSTROPHE: he's/she's/you're/it'sNO APOSTROPHE: his/hers/yours/itsIs this...
Is it possible Apple will wait six months until Steve returns before releasing ANY updated hardware?
If there ever was a press event scheduled for October 14th, it's obvious that Jobs changed it just to prove all the rumor-mongers wrong!
Ask? This was not a stockholders meeting, it was a marketing presentation.
Moreso, they missed a HUGE opportunity to sell video from the Olympics, the biggest TV event of them all. They could have sold millions of copies of highlights from the games and opening ceremony, right when public interest was at its peak. But no, they decided to sell DVDs instead, which aren't in high def, and won't even ship until October. If the board members of NBC/UNI had any sense they would boot Zucker out of the company for this colossal blunder.
Decode h.264 in high defintion on battery power?
Party pooper \
I think it means the speaker unit that's attached to the iPod by a cable.And by the way, the word *it's* means IT IS. The possessive form is *its* and like the other possessives it has no apostrophe (his/hers/yours/its).
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