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Then the kid can take a walk in the park with the tablet while dictating his personal message.
I've been doing stuff on eBay for the last year and I've only had one problem, and that was when I was selling.
I can't wait for Mac OS XXX.
[quote]Originally posted by Horned_Frog: This one time, at Band Camp, this girl stuck a G5 in her pu$$y and I was like, "is that a G5?" and she was all like, "oops, I wasn't supposed to show that to anyone, but come January all girls will be able to feel the sheer power." Take it for what it is worth, but I tend to believe her.
[quote]Originally posted by Kestral: I've already started mine a few weeks ago. I'm going to stop swearing. That's right, no *F* word(!) So far I've had a few relapses but I'm working on it!!\\
Hmm. I think I'll try that out as well. Of course, reading a forum where people swear left and right doesn't help any. [ 12-24-2001: Message edited by: The Rootwitch ]

[quote]Originally posted by AirSluf: Posting in other outside fora isn't cross-posting nor should it be annoying, they are different communities. More than one thread in any one fora would be annoying though. Ask away iDude.
Exactly. More than one thread that's the same on the same forum = bad Different forums = good
I think I'm really going to try to do that, maybe. Sell my iBook and buy something new. Or maybe I'll keep my iBook for now and start with something else so I always have a good Mac.
Maybe if it was, like, totally freakin' insanely awesome. Not $10,000 though.
To become like Murbot!
I don't see why people care if people cross post, I do the same at times, because I want to hear the opinions of different people. Some people post at one place only.
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