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the price of aapl shares is so disconnected from fundatmentals that if the outstanding shares dropped by 25%, I wonder if the share price would rise at all.    
They have 60 million subscribers which if we assume 70% are on smartphones then that is 42 million smartphone subscribers. If we assume that they will all upgrade to a new smartphone in the next 3 years then we have 42*40%/3 = 5.6 million iphones sold per year. If they all upgrade over 2 years that's an addition 8 million iphones sold per year. Apple sold aroudn 125 million iPhones in 2012 so this can be a significant addition.
I have an unlocked iPhone on Platinumtel (which runs on tmobile network) and my wife has her non-unlocked iphone on Talkforgood (verizon network).  These smaller carriers are great for low-cost and low-usage iphone plans (<$20/month).
I'm sure that Google maps will prove to be one of the most popular (if not THE most popular app on the app store) for quite some time. That said, I think most iPhone users will be fine with the stock apple maps. 10 million downloads out of 400 million iOS devices is small. Even if that number climbs to 100 million downloads, it still won't make up the majority of iOS users. And many of those downloads will be used maybe once or twice and then put into a folder in case...
It'll be good to have as an option but I'll probably use Apple maps unless it can't find something.
I think iBooks and education iTextbooks(?) makes alot of sense on the smaller device.  It'll be cheaper than a regular iPad, have all the same apps and video capabilities but will be lighter which makes a big difference for book reading.  Not as light as a kindle but maybe around 3/4 of a pound (12 oz) will make it much easier to hold in one hand and read.  That's only about the weight of 3 iphone 5s, which is pretty light.
the statue of liberty has been fixed too. I live in CA so when I typed Statue of Liberty, I got no result. But when I panned out to see the entire US then searched, it found it in NY.
I think that's a good point.  There are some issues with the Maps.app but there are issues with other options as well.  Certainly the amount of hype it's been getting is way overblown and if people try to compare amongst the various options they will see that it's not as bad as everyone says and most will find it perfectly adequate for their purposes.  This is one of the biggest things about getting Google's maps out of the default position.  Letting people see what all...
I think the key is the default app on iOS. The vast majority of people won't download a 3rd party app to replace maps so they'll just use the default one. I think that Maps is fine. Not great but okay and hopefully going to get better and more information quickly. I've found it works really well in offline mode (which you state it doesn't do well in the top right box of the comparison chart with Google). I have a limited data plan so I often turn off cellular data...
It's easier to have a good October given it's had a 5% pullback since the high in late September. I'm going to guess that it ends the month (after the Oct 24 conference call) in $720 range, which would be 8% up from the 667 close on Sept 28. Of course, if the conference call disappoints then we could be back at $650.
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