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No. Of course you're not pointing fingers. Not racist at all.
Yeah. Like that's only thing relevant about Apple.
LOL ...
Yes. But misinformation too. Judging from this corner of the world, lots of misinformation.
Best line on this website, ever.
How does requirement to enter password prevent anyone from powering off the device?
This is not that big a deal. They cited a report without digging into the method of analysis. Quite common.
Why is it good news?   You can't admire Apple without relishing in every other company's "suffering"? It's not a zero sum game.
Neither. Someone with a PhD in comp. sci. would not really care about such benchmarks. A PhD in troll would be more skilled, and not so easily detectable.
It is simply not true that allowing application opt in/out makes timer coalesing less useful. Mavericks also allows applications to opt out. 
New Posts  All Forums: