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You have a point - I'd find myself annoying, too, if I caught myself bragging about things I had no clue about. So, I apologize for exposing you as an ignorant fraud.    Friends?
    You are comparing apples with ... samsung. If this is entirely true, then I challenge you to come up with examples of how Apple has done something similar. There is difference between highlighting one's strengths and selling a strength that is not available. Unlike the over-zealously defensively natives here, I don't think what Samsung is doing is illegal. But it is certainly not something that Apple has come close to doing, AFAIK.    As for timer coalescing, what...
They both provide historical facts and technical explanations to back up their opinions/posts. Their posts do not always go against Apple either. How balanced are your posts? How often do you provide technical insight? In fact, how much (little) do you understand the industry, either technically or from an investment perspective? 
Indeed. Samsung is kind of smarting that Congress is not after them for tax minimization. They so want to copy Apple on that front, too.
"Reportedly"?   This sounds the sighting of Superman or someone similar. It's a bird. It's a plane. It's Tim Cook! Reportedly, ...
So Apple didn't think through all of this and is just being stupid? Damn you're so much smarter than Cook et al.
Now this is clever. Looks like iBeacon is going to be the next killer app.
What's your response if Motorola accuses Apple of being a copycat of this fingerprint feature?
Surely the tissue stays "alive" long enough to change the password of the amputee's password?
Just tried it. Siri actually was smart enough to call for an ambulance (but not before asking for confirmation).   "Call me handsome" worked just fine (but again only after confirmation).
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