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Phuck off. Go make up some facts like you usually do.
I can already foresee the spike in the crime of dedigitation.
Clearly, those clones are members of this forum.
I was actually talking about where CLW was based.   But as far as analysts jumping on this, I'd argue it's the journalists who are prematurely ejaculating over the labor situation. Analysts don't seem to care too much. CLW is doing what it does. They will name Apple, Nike, Samsung and Li Qiang's grandfather if it helps their cause. I don't blame them for that. Some day, generations of Chinese workers will remember Li and his ilk for what he did in their name. Journalists,...
Indeed. Plus they'd have to negotiate more directly and more often with Chinese government officials. Foxconn and its ilk take care of that right now, and shields Apple (and other companies) from this dirty work.
  The most hilarious part is that you would be surprised by this. Don't you want to understand an issue/organization before mocking it?
You seem to take that rather personally.
Is that the traditional Red Chinese cure?
Which Apple numbers are audited?
The stock market isn't the place to put your money if you know what you're doing. ;)
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