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Not in a properly run assembly shop.    If (big if) there are hundreds of thousands of phones being returned because of scratches, it was mishandling by Foxconn. They'd have been scratched (perhaps fewer in numbers) even if the back was plastic.     Watches, cars are as intricate if not more so than iPhone 5. They don't often come with scratches. Hell, food processing plants are more intricate than smartphones.    Plastic, aluminum or paper - a well designed and well run...
The question is what's wrong with you, trying to pretend you're knowledgeable in areas foreign to you?
He is still there, just no longer working in the US.   His face is on the exec page of international websites.
Why would anodized aluminum be more susceptible to scratches in an assembly line than plastic?
  Far from beyond the point? What does that even mean? I understand far from the point and beyond the point. But ... far from beyond the pt sounds like I am on point! :)   Coming to his senses? The so-called iPhone lite hasn't been confirmed. And you're commending him for a change of heart on how to position a product that doesn't officially exist? Has it occurred to you, assuming the 5C is real, it was what they had in mind all along? Coming to his senses, my...
I think there is a false impression here that anodized aluminum is more easily scratched than plastic. That is far from reality. It is true, however, that scratches are better hidden on certain plastics.
I agree, to an extent.   Using an iPad is cool when one in pure, simple consumption mode - i.e. you're just reading one thing. You don't need to look at three different documents or webpages next to each other. You don't need to tweet or share links in any way. Outside of this mode, a full keyboard and a mouse provide more efficiency.   But the tablet is just so easy to not only to move around but also to just open up. For video viewing, email reading (but not necessarily...
How are some of these discounts possible? Are they simply loss leaders
I do not believe that is how Apple rationalizes it. Instead, they see the iPhone as a truly personal device - i.e. we don't share phones. So iOS is a truly personal and mobile version of iOS. IPads happen to share the same OS as iPhones and therefore share the same single-owner behavior.   Having said that, I am sure they will consider changing this in the future.  
  Wow. What a sleuth you are. Here's Apple trying to pull a Bernie Madoff like scam on the public and the SEC, and you caught them. No one noticed that they made 18M shares disappear except you. Tim Cook's upside down grin is now seriously drooping. I bet the likes of Copperfield, Penn and Teller run for the hills when they see you in the audience.
New Posts  All Forums: