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How is this middleware?
Looking at the back as well, it's more like an iPod Touch.
That is irrelevant. Soon, every Android phone would be "such a phone". The better question/survey would be how many Android users would want Chatheads. I think the number will not be small.
It all depends on what "better" means.
Translation for your translation: I only know how to see things from one perspective - the ignorant one.
Don't you mean iKingpin?Let's face it, who else but a drug lord can afford so many outrageously over-priced Apple devices?
And based on the report herein, if you see one, it's probably a drug dealer being pursued by the DEA. Clearly, if you have the iPhone, you have something to hide.
Giving limited answers in a limited interview makes Kay wrong and worthy of the dump herein? With that attitude, you must be on Twitter all day criticizing people for a lack of details in 140-ch long utterances.
You, again, rant without understanding the issue.Pretty ridiculous, and frankly, disgusting.
How many people here are qualified to agree or disagree?To choose either position, one has to ponder the issue at length, try various alternatives, become acquainted with history, present and future (i.e. technology in development) of computing in order to offer a learned opinion. Regardless of background, who has spent that kind of time doing these activities? Oh yeah, that would be Alan Kay.
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