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Margo Arment? Is that Marco's wife?   But you're right, this is not a new issue. We as developers have been struggling with this for a long time. But there are two problems - (a) Apple is virtually non-communicative on this. (b) We have learned from the past that there are consequences when we are too vocal with our complaints.
    Partly true. They no longer suck at it. But there are still serious problems. Problems that no one has encountered? That's true of almost anyone because everyone has a different solution.     This is a reasonable argument, in part. The most impressive thing about iCloud is its growth. According to Apple's own numbers, iCloud users grew from 125M in April 2012 to 190M in September 2012 to 250M in Jan 2013. We have not seen a degradation in service with this extremely...
This is bring launched on April 1st? Hmmm ...
Interesting that this debate continues unabated despite the rumor being shot down by the most reliable non-Apple source.
Indeed. But that's why he comments only sparingly on rumors, and only drops the definitive yup or nope when he is sure.     But he didn't say nope prior to their launches.   I honestly do not remember a single instance when Dalrymple had been wrong when he directly confirmed or denied a rumor. He doesn't have in-depth knowledge about tech and relies on his sources to maintain his rep. So he only makes proclamations when he is 100% sure.
I presume you're kidding because, otherwise, you are wrong on all counts:   - It's not obvious. - They do not have a good chance at dominating Android market. - It would be the worst decision Facebook ever made.   But, as I said, you are kidding.
If you are not just into cartography, but also cryptography :)
Their problem on mobile is revenue generation. So perhaps they have decided the only way to control this and not give up any revenue to Apple is to *own* the OS.   On a side note, this will vindicate MG Siegler, who has been predicting a Facebook smartphone as long as Gene Munster has been telling us about an Apple TV.
Presumably, everyone will only tap in their own trousers and should therefore not be surprised.
That's an interesting question. Put aside the issue of app support, has the smartphone industry moved that much forward in innovation since 2008?
New Posts  All Forums: