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Possibly. After all, many of us have done billion dollar acquisitions many more times than Google, and are well qualified to second guess.
There simply is no such thing as incorrect emotional response. People emote as they do. Unless they are faking it, the response is natural but neither correct nor incorrect. So you're not qualified to be a therapist.   To say that colors but not looks are subjective, with such certainty too, makes you less likely to be right-brained. On the other hand, you have a history of making stuff up. So perhaps you're right-brained after all.
Maybe they use new iPhones that are only partly assembled (i.e. no optics) :)
How something looks is subjective. There is nothing to get or not get.   Now, if you're saying those with left-dominant brains are less likely to design/create something that are "delicious-looking", that would be a different story.   Also, I don't know how you judge an emotional response is correct or incorrect. Glad you're not my therapist. Would hate to pay you $150/hr to hear my emotions are incorrect. 
So you thought of all those points and Ben just happened to scoop you?
Not at all. Now I am sneering.
I don't know about that.   How do we know this was a cheaper product? How do we know that was her reason for buying it? Maybe she lost the original and there was no Apple Store or Apple reseller in sight when she needed a charger? Let's not assume the worst of the diseased. 
Since when does an electrical product that fried someone look so pristine? And the phone just happens to be come with its original case?
  The aluminum case on iPhones is anodized. Aluminum oxide is an electrical insulator.
  This is not about Amazon. It might be easier to understand if we try not to see everything as Apple v. the world.
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