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Causation?   It sounds like you have never held a job with important responsibilities. If you did, you'd know that you, and not your underlings or subcontractors, are responsible when the project you lead does not meet milestones on time.   The buck stops somewhere. When Apple promises a product by a certain date and cannot deliver, they are the most responsible party even if Joe Mo in Taiwan was sick for two weeks. That doesn't make them incompetent. But it makes them...
It's about grass roots. Kids and youngsters need role models in their development. How many people became engineers or pilots because of American astronauts landing on the moon?   It is natural that many are additionally inspired by certain role models because we can relate to them more closely? Many Asian kids were inspired by Michael Jordan, but many more took up basketball when Yao Ming became a sensation. Similarly, how can we fail to recognize that girls and...
Vastly indeed.   But, interestingly, if you disregard the retail staff, the discrepancy is not as large as you'd think.
Fortunately, there are people in this world who care about social issues as well if not more than how to spend disposable income.
I am afraid that's where your misunderstanding stands. A glass ceiling does not have to be a deliberate, institutionalized or even conscious barrier. People, women and minorities in particular, will be much more inspired when they look at Apple and see that they too could be at the top of the coolest, most successful company in the world.   There was no legal barrier to a black man becoming the American President before 2008. But most black youths did not even think...
  With all due respect, how do you think women feel when they look at Apple as a place of employment? How many will not notice the glass ceiling? To say this is not in the slightest obvious is just misguided.
It's not about getting brownie points or PR. It's about social responsibilities. When two candidates are equally qualified, hiring a woman or a minority does much to promote science and technology amongst youngsters. Minority hiring is hardly a rarity in technology circles. But Apple is one of the few prominent tech companies without one in their senior ranks, ever since the departure of Avie Tevanian. I don't recall a woman ever being in their inner circle. It is hard...
Papermaster :)
Or a new product that requires both.
When all other things are equal, a company like Apple should give serious consideration to hiring women and minorities. They seem to be the only major tech company with neither in their senior ranks right now. I don't for a second believe this is deliberate, but it is sticking out like a sore thumb.
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