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Someone at Apple is ultimately responsible even if the problem is in China. Why is that so difficult for you to understand?
Dalrymple has one trick - he has someone at Apple telling him when to say Yes or Nope. Beyond that, he makes a living mocking anything non-Apple, without any real technical know-how.   Gruber is a deeper thinker and has software chops. So, his opinions are worth more, and he is clearly more successful as a blogger.   Regardless, both are jumping on Lynch for one reason - Flash. But he was working for Adobe at the time, what else was he going to do?
  I'm joining your party.   It is possible that Mansfield is working on a new product that requires software development beyond what Mac OS and iOS offer. Rather than just taking talent from currently well-stretched teams, he needed/wanted his own software leader to help him. So it's not about grooming Lynch to replace Mansfield, but rather about hiring some help for Mansfield.
  I presume you're being sarcastic? Just where is the hardware experience in his background?
I get your point but not the analogy. Jony Ive didn't switch company. But, like I said, I get your point.
These questions and their answers are interesting but not relevant in assessing Apple's responsibility in delayed shipment of new iMacs. Either they should have postponed announcing the new design or they should have stopped taking orders. Regardless of which contractor didnt come thru, Apple is responsible.
That's such wrong-headed thinking that it's bewildering. Without knowing most (any?) of them, you can arrive at the conclusion that they aren't worth anything? Wow!   Probably, you might argue that because their products suck (in your opinion, which has a spotty record at best), the developers must suck too. Does that mean all engineers who have ever worked on Windows are worthless? What about iCloud? What about Mobile Me?   I realize you know shit about software...
Just because you share the same interests/position as (most) others on a particular forum doesn't mean you won't/can't engage in inflammatory discourse and bait others just for the sake of it. Trolling is about behavior and actions, not necessarily about political positioning. So yes, it is possible for an Apple fanboy to troll on an Apple user site. We see it here all the time.
Before you call him clearly wrong, you need to learn basic math. There are hundreds of millions of Androids out there. Are u saying most of them used to be BB users?You cannot compare percentages when talking about dramatically different market sizes - basic math. He's not clearly wrong. You are.
Man ... you are so defensive when it comes to Apple that you are even defensive about being defensive.
New Posts  All Forums: