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Apple launched 4S in 2011. Samsung launches S4 in 2013. Their copy machine is not only late, it's dyslexic. /s
  Some good points. But I think accusing Apple of plagiarizing Palm would be off the mark. Having said that, it is a valid argument in the discuss of how much is Android/Samsung copying Apple?   iOS indeed has an app launcher - It is the home screen itself. There are also various 3rd party app launchers. So I am afraid you are the one out of touch.
I know
Was in UK and then continental Europe 2 weeks ago. Apple Maps, sorry to say, was useless. In most North American cities I visit, I'm fine with it.
Are you sure? Well, you know your son better than I do.
That's not what he said. So your distinction is too a false separation.
Extensive ergonomic R&D? You've never been involved in design or engineering, have you? As for function dictating form, you do realize that is one of those myths that is perpetuated and rarely true?
Muzzled? Majority? You haven't reached the letter M in your vocabulary lessons, have you?
Unlike your son, hfts will not change.
First of all, this only proves you don't understand how ads work. Second of all, you also claimed many things (chemist or IT?) before and are running low on credibility.
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