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Cool! What was it like working there? A blast? ;)
Don't tell me you just noticed this.
  I take it you're in the US. Enjoy your guns, creationism-based science education and retrograde healthcare system.   Oh damn, so am I.
That doesn't make sense.
Their "schedule" in recent past would see a new iPad released around this time. But if the spec refresh in October was considered a new iPad, then it will be a longer wait than usual before anything else. The amazing thing to me is that there isn't even a serious rumor about an impending product launch.
A male enhancement supplement from Dickprinter? Rather appropriate ...
  Seriously? A tag is required here?
BS.   You don't know their intentions. It's easy to guess this about every start-up. Guessing right doesn't count.   In fact, you don't even know whether they got any money. Quick money my ass.
It doesn't make sense at all to make a desktop client for Mailbox, not as it stands. It sounds like you don't know what this app is.   How many armchair critics here even have a Mailbox account?
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