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Apple and Yahoo, perhaps even Google may rue this day. The combination of Dropbox and Mailbox spells "disruption". Apple should have tried harder to acquire Dropbox way back, and should have not have allowed DropBox to scoop Orchestra so effortlessly. Although Apple and Mailbox may not seem a natural fit, that's really simple enough to change.   As for why Orchestra made this decision, no one here seems to understand that chemistry is a big factor amongst engineers...
You have trouble navigating in a simple forum and yet have the nerve to ask "what more proof" is needed?
There's such a thing as a second hand. Just saying. In fact, iPhone users have been seen pulling it out of their pants from time to time. Thus one hand thing is classic Apple marketing. And you're classic victim by repeating the myth.
How's that a reason for mockery? Everyone has to read every sentence before posting an opinion. Some have jobs, kids, ... lives. The joke is on those who read other posts.
Rubin had to step down. After all, Sinofsky and Forstall have all been forced out. How could Rubin achieve the same notoriety if he is the only one still holding down the job of taking care of his company's major OS?
I'm suggesting objectivity is important if you want your opinion respected. Don't idolize one thief and vilify the other if "not stealing" is an important principle for you, unless you're fine being a hypocrite. :)   Didn't say that, but I understand the common technique here is to put words into people's mouths and then mock the person for words they didn't write. :)   Fact is, both Google and Apple (not to mention MS, HP, etc.) have some history of questionable conduct....
I liked it better when Apple kept quiet and didn't say much about the competition. If you have to point out their flaws, you are paying the ultimate compliment - attention.
In a commercial sense, it wasn't. But innovation isn't always about selling millions of units of widgets. Many of the people who were involved there, including the founders and the young engineers they inspired, were brilliant engineers. Tony Fadell and Andy Rubin are just two examples.   Many people here have automatically negative filters for anyone who works for a competitor of Apple. But if you know anything about engineering or software development, you would have at...
There are good, valid reasons for stock buybacks (which, obviously, I don't agree with) and dividends (which I object less to), but your reasons here are not amongst them. In fact, your reasons right here are total rubbish.
Apple is participating just fine, far better than any company. It's Apple shareholders who feel that they're not participating. Even that's only true when 8 month optics is applied. The opinions herein are all about what people have lost in last 8 months and want to rrgain in next few months, and nothing about what's good for Apple.Btw, IBM's eps is indeed higher because of buyback. But to call it much higher would be pure hot air.
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