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Do u mean album covers?
Hello Mr. Chemist
You don't have to provide any "reference". People who demand links or references are just pretending to be rigorous. What is the idiotic point of using a questionable source to support a questionable argument?
  Is that the limit of your cerebral scope - how $AAPL will react in the short term?
  It took you? Didn't you clue in when you saw the sign on the road saying "You're now leaving Pleasantville"?
Them rentals are trending higher in %!
  You need to see a professional. WOW!
This seems to be consistent with the report from Good?
I wish Apple had done more with the Maps app before deploying it. But history cannot change itself. Furthermore, mapping is an eternal endeavor. I am glad to see Apple Maps is improving even if it is only in some corners of the world. Whining is silly because there are alternatives. In fact, don't people usually gripe that Android offers more choices? Well, we know that there is at least one mapping choice on iOS that is not available on Android! Heh ...   Most...
Too late. They have enough cash to hide a loooong time
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