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  A conversation is not an official report. The 10-Q filing is. But you missed my point, which is not whether Apple is being honest. I have no doubt of that. The point is why don't we "hear" more data from others. My rationale is that most of us don't pay attention to the teleconferences that take place after release of earnings from other companies. Not knowing as much about other companies ≠ other companies not being "transparent". Just because you visit cousin Alice...
Cool. Thx.
Very interesting to know. Thx.   Is that a source you can suggest where I can learn more about this?
With all due respect, this is not a report. This is something mentioned during a discussion/conference call, without detailed definition.    Why am I nitpicking?    Well, people here pay more attention to Apple discussions. So they learn more (even if they don't understand what they are learning) about Apple and conclude that Apple is more transparent. Those who question transparencies of all of Apple's rivals, have you read the transcripts of their earnings...
  That I agree with. 
You just had to give away the real reason, didn't you?
I would say, not at all.
I disagree. There is plenty new about it.   If you call it old just because there have been proof of concepts throughput the last 20 years, then nothing is new.
Why is dubious (3) more dubious than good (3)?
Do you want to commonly accepted reason or the real reason?
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