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Cool! VERY cool!
So that's how you are going to weasel your way out of that? Nice try.     Oh sure. But I have no advice to give that will help you.
I am not sure what type of chemist you are, but invoking your background is not relevant or smart (particularly with such a pronouncement as "I a chemist"), particularly specious because your arguments are simply fallacious.   Let's examine your logic ... or rather, mistakes.   1. "Polymers are long chain organic compounds"   Polymers in general do not have to be long-chained (note the "ed" - use the participle as an adjective). Nor do they have to be organic. Two...
There is no scientific definition for "premium material"; however, there are informal, industry-specific definitions. Furthermore, not all types of plastic, aluminum alloys or types of glass are created equal. In certain applications, certain aluminum alloys and certain types of glass would indeed be considered premium material.     Having said that, I agree that this debate is specious, particularly when most people are just plain wrong (you're, by and large, an...
      Headlines are often misleading. In fact, many reporters make it clear that they write the articles and not the headlines. Having said this, the headline here is SPOT ON. A cookie for the first between you two chimpanzees to figure it out.
Clearly, you are not taking into account the rabbit-like increase in American birth rate.
It was reported last fall that US had passed the 50% mark, and 54% in Jan this year. Perhaps the Eco is using dated data.
What if the iPad is lithium? After all, lithium was the last element made during the Big Bang! Say it ain't so!
It's only bad news if you judge it based on what consistently wrong pundits think and on stick price fluctuations. Otherwise, it's just news, neither good nor bad. Apple is doing very well with a few bucks in the bank.
For enterprise? Not true. What is the iOS equivalent of Knox?
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