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Saucer section? Not exactly a Trekkie, are you?
Rest easy. Pending orders from Apple can change from 2-3 weeks to shipped overnight. Saw it happen a few times.
It won't be long before someone discovers the new building has an ARM chip embedded, with 2GB of RAM.
Not quite an apt analogy. No use for SCSI port anymore. But multiple windows would be nice from time  to time.
  They may not be running iOS, but they are some kind of OS. Perhaps the iPod Nano OS?     I don't think it's a completely unreasonable premise, particularly on the emaciated iPhone5 and iPodT.
Ohhhh, I like that. Succinct!
You are generalizing, bastardizing and miscontruing "investment 101", or perhaps you are making ignorant assumptions. What you, as a common shareholder, are entitled to can range from something to nothing. It is NOT true that anything of the company is yours. If you disagree, go into Apple and claim something, and see if they help you box it and kick u out on your ass as you deserve.   If and when a company is liquidated, there is a possibility that you might be entitled...
Putting aside the offensive nature of the simile, I don't think you know what Asperger syndrome is about at all.
Indeed.   Given that the judge gave a legal explanation for her decision, impugning her character is not only unjustified, it debases the character of the accusers.
"Check out the SI Swimsuit Edition!"
New Posts  All Forums: