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Which report are you citing, if I may ask?
Apple "reports" channel inventory? All of it? You're sure?
Kind of like when they used to question the definition of "activation".   I think we can now draw up a chronology of issues du jour in the mobile industry, particular in the iOS v. Android context (and contest):   2008-2010: activation 2011-2013: sold v. shipped 2013-?: mobile usage (aka What are Android devices used for?)
Fair question. It's true that Samsung doesn't. Who does? Blackberry. Nokia. LG. Motorola doesn't. Not sure about others.    I may be wrong about some of these, but I'm sure someone will check just so they can jump on the chance I might be.
Nope.   You're being about as trollish as it gets but that's ok. I understand it's sort of a pastime for some. Carry on.
People really need to stop speaking for their "friends" and acquaintances. You don't know what/why they want large or small phones. You don't know for sure whether they want to carry around a tablet. 
Nintendo may soon go the way of Sega.
When analysts report potential production problems, Cook tells the world not to listen. But when stats are in Apple's favor, he doesn't hesitate in citing them. This sort of cherry-picking of "analysis" does make me cringe a bit. Sure, every other company does it, too. But I expect Apple to be above it.
New Posts  All Forums: