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Has anyone seen a (rigorous) analysis of whether we are still (truly) following Moore's Law?
I am ok with a small processor bump. After all, can we really expect major changes every single year, or even every two years? Having said that, competition for Intel is not a bad thing.   Battery engineering ... I am quite happy with the MBA's battery performance but would love to see improvement on the rMBP.   The big question is - will RP come to the MBA? If so, what distinguishes rMBA and rMBP?
Why are these hateful comments? They are not comments (or thoughts) that would pre-occupy me one way or the other. But why must you draw a line between Apple lovers and haters? Why not just ignore comments that you don't find meaningful, instead of defensively inciting irrational debates which are as frequent here as rational ones?
  "We are extremely sorry for the frustration this has caused our customers" - that doesn't sound like it's just a matter of not making the best possible experience.   With your history, you will probably still want to parse the words to mean what you want them to mean. But how about this - Tim Cook told Brian Williams clearly, "We screwed up." Is that enough? Are you going to tell Cook that he shouldn't have said that?   Apple makes great products (so does Google, btw)....
No offense but it's the Apple fans here who are insecure. Look, Apple messed up with maps (although I didn't get lose this weekend using it). Their CEO admitted it. So why can't you accept it too? It's Apple and not you that has to eat humble pie. Why can't you use Apple products happily and also laugh at them when they screw up? Ah, let me see. Are you being defensive because you're a shareholder? Well, so am I and I still laugh.   Like I wrote before, I am only...
I really hope that this is not just a slick looking TV controlled by gestures and Siri. To me, neither is so superior than a remote (except for the fact that you wouldn't have to look for the remote anymore). Also, there should be a reason why Apple needs to sell an integrated system rather than just an upgraded AppleTV box. Tim Cook said that Apple tended to deliver products we didn't think we needed until we saw them. Gesture and Siri controls are not that at...
Raise your hand if you didn't see this coming. I'm only surprised it took so long. It's fair game. After all, Apple certainly made fun of Microsoft.
Misek's predictions here are the most egregious case of fabrication. He "expects" a new super HD camera/screen but is "less confident" about a "Retina " screen. What does that even mean? iTV prototypes are "floating around". TV sets are not like phones and do not need to be floated around to be tested. Apple does not have to "retool" iPhone 4 for a low cost model. It is already their low cost model. There is no such thing as an "apps processor". Man, is this guy ever...
Just watched the interview. I was disappointed by how poorly NBC News prepared Brian Williams for this interview. He actually stated that Apple fired two senior executives because of maps. Without any justification, he also said that Samsung's ads have been damaging to Apple.
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