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  So you get to tell me what I am ignoring or not ignoring? You get to tell me what periods I want to compare? Really?
Another consideration: Back in January, Tim Cook suggested that 2012 decline in Mac sales could be a one-time thing. The last two quarters have proven him wrong in part (arguably, Mac sales have stagnated rather than dropping significantly; and maybe it's not fair to judge the impact of the new MBA too early). He's still rationalizing that Mac sales are declining more slowly than the rest of PC industry. That's fair. But where is the money going? Not all into iPads, it...
Actually, Apple has hired the occasional "analyst".
One reason that Apple does more than what others do because they have more data - from their own stores.
  I am not sure about Blackberry. After all, the Playbook write-down was pretty significant.   One major diff between Apple and other manufacturers: Apple Stores. This leads to a difference in the definition of channel inventory, and possibly the reason why some have insisted that Apple has been more transparent.  If I may add a point of consideration (to a rich and informative post), it's a bit misleading for Cook to use drawdown on channel inventory as the explanation...
"Technology" transfer - so that's what it's called these days. How many $technology transfers are needed for China Mobile to agree to terms with Apple?
Only someone with a narrow bandpass filter in his optics would believe that is the reason that AT&T has declined to report this number for the first time.
Not clear to me how iOS7, a new iPhone will necessarily win over more Chinese customers. Not saying they won't, but just don't see how/why/what.
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