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What press releases?
There has always been a minority group of us repeatedly explaining that Apple reports shipments and not sales. We have repeatedly stated that the shipped v. sales argument was moot. But we were bashed, stomped and ridiculed as Android fans. 
You're sure? How often do they discuss new products in earnings calls?
And what happens if they can't sell the inventory "stuffed" in the channels? What did Microsoft have to do with their Surfaces?   Enough already with this shipped v. sold business. The ship has sailed.       Really? Then why did Apple also have 11M iPhones in the channel at the end of last quarter. Were they also ramping up inventory to prepare to switch then?
No. It's a reasonably good sign suggesting they are confident of a high sell-through rate. 
Maybe. But then, how often does he go into product detail during an earnings conference call?
I was expecting this because it took forever for mine to arrive.
So Verizon sold more iPhones than AT&T for the first time ever. This is partly due to upgrades for the first wave of Verizon iPhone customers. But will this trend continue?
That's the same as last quarter.
"We are on track to have a very busy fall. I would like to leave it there and go into more detail in October."   That would Mr. Reliable Kuo's September predictions ... unreliable? Unless you want to take his word over that of Cook.
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