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Wow really!?   Well it must be because there just isn't enough power in an iPhone 4 CPU to handle turn by turn GPS as demonstrated by the lack of turn-by-turn GPS apps in the app store!
Wow, this has added so much to my life. Not. What a stupid article.    Appleinsider do you really need MORE ad revenue even the day of an Apple announcement???
Turned it off on my 4s. I don't drive so need there, and coupled with it being so damn slow compared to the old voice command app which didn't rely upon the cell network!
This what? WTF is a THIS
I have had this with the ipad 2 since the first day. The wifi signal strength just randomly goes up and down. Oh and it's with many different routers, not just using my personal one.
And now the compromises begin with Apple without Steve However, it does show to always buy Apple products on the "bug fix" version and not the major update -- 3GS, ipad 2, and 4s are all fantastic products with no deficiencies in design
one year old CPU! Wow, just wow. Guess that balances out the higher screen cost. My iPad 2 will stay fast enough for a couple more years.
Well then just buy them all and shut them down. Probably cheaper than paying the lawyers for years.
Or a court order demanding you decrypt the drive Or a thief with a hammer threatening to bash your skull in if you don't decrypt...
By all means make it easier for people who steal your laptop! Everyone in security knows there is no absolute secure. All you can do is slow someone down enough so they lose interest and go elsewhere.
New Posts  All Forums: