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Stop trying to make it a moral issue. It's an economic issue. I'm under no obligation, moral or otherwise, to make YOUR business plan succeed. If you can't make it work, do something else productive. In America (and other ultra-capitalist countries), it's dog-eat-dog, devil take the hindmost-competitive. Eat some dog or go to the devil. Only partly :-)
> solipsismy 08/28/2015 02:58 PM > I hope it's 1/10th as good as it sounds. Everything else Apple makes nowadays is, why not this?
We're booked for July 17-20 travel in Canada. The timing couldn't be better. We also had good inexpensive coverage in Japan earlier this year; especially nice was no stomach acid over whether we might accidentally get hit with some "out-of-network" roaming charges, which didn't happen. And we may be going to Mexico later this year or next year. Our T-Mobile coverage here in NW Washington state is adequate, and we have LTE at 50-60Mbps at home (not needed) and in many...
 So what's your stake in my iPhone/iPad? Did you pay for it? What's your right to say what I can can't do with it? Do you make the decisions for Apple? Or just for me? You are beyond annoying. Beyond stupid. And beyond reason, it seems.
They also appear to have kicked Radio to the curb (kerb). I can still access the stations I carefully selected in "the good ol' days" of June, but only in Radio > "Recently played". I don't know how recent the playing has to be to prevent their being shoved out of there into oblivion, nor how many recents they'll keep for me. Radio's what I used to play sitting in the car waiting for the wife to get tired of shopping.   There are still the older "radio stations" with the...
Shouldn't Car and Driver be giving the Apple iCar an award soon? We almost know that it might possibly become a reality. And > Automakers in Geneva cautious, 'concerned' about 'disruptive interloper' Apple :-)
PCalc offers RPN:   http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Reverse_Polish_notation   Once you learn to use RPN, it's hard to go back to "infix notation" calculation. Also, PCalc gets entry-handling and stack manipulation "right" in RPN, which most knock-offs don't do, leading to clumsy operation; PCalc does RPN just like HP's legendary HP 35 and its follow-ons.
 As a Comcast ISP customer, I just this morning switched to using checks to pay them, because their $#% website regularly fails with Safari on 10.6.8. Has done so for 3 years; they been promising to fix it for 3 years. Last month I had to argue for 10 minutes on the phone to get them to waive a $5.95 "convenience fee" for paying by phone when the website kept looping back to the same page on one phase of the transaction, no error message anywhere on-screen. They're my ISP...
Didn't work on my iPhone 5S on Wikipedia, my most-often-used site, for which my bookmark is the full desktop link. The "Desktop" link at the bottom of the Wikipedia home page did take me to Wikipedia's full site, and then after that, my bookmark always takes me to the full site, even though I've visited numerous other sites in between.   From this experience, it appears to me that Safari keeps a by-site preference for you. Flick-terminating Safari kept the full...
New Posts  All Forums: