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Shouldn't Car and Driver be giving the Apple iCar an award soon? We almost know that it might possibly become a reality. And > Automakers in Geneva cautious, 'concerned' about 'disruptive interloper' Apple :-)
PCalc offers RPN:   http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Reverse_Polish_notation   Once you learn to use RPN, it's hard to go back to "infix notation" calculation. Also, PCalc gets entry-handling and stack manipulation "right" in RPN, which most knock-offs don't do, leading to clumsy operation; PCalc does RPN just like HP's legendary HP 35 and its follow-ons.
 As a Comcast ISP customer, I just this morning switched to using checks to pay them, because their $#% website regularly fails with Safari on 10.6.8. Has done so for 3 years; they been promising to fix it for 3 years. Last month I had to argue for 10 minutes on the phone to get them to waive a $5.95 "convenience fee" for paying by phone when the website kept looping back to the same page on one phase of the transaction, no error message anywhere on-screen. They're my ISP...
Didn't work on my iPhone 5S on Wikipedia, my most-often-used site, for which my bookmark is the full desktop link. The "Desktop" link at the bottom of the Wikipedia home page did take me to Wikipedia's full site, and then after that, my bookmark always takes me to the full site, even though I've visited numerous other sites in between.   From this experience, it appears to me that Safari keeps a by-site preference for you. Flick-terminating Safari kept the full...
Apologies: my post on bash fixes was somehow made to the wrong forum.
bash is a relatively independent non-OS X part of UN*X, and shouldn't require an OS X update, though it might come as part of one. In any case, someone will probably provide a tool and source for building your own fixed bash, which will be a single file which can be put on your Mac (usually in /bin/). Terminal should not need to be updated for this, though again Apple could enhance Terminal slightly to inform the user that the bash in use is vulnerable, should they wish to...
Used to be that you just needed deep pockets to buy iPhones. Now you need wide ones too.
> What phenomenon are you referring to with this comment?
Go to apple.com, search for Yosemite and select the Yosemite Preview article that should appear in the list, go to bottom of that page and look for the test drive link. You'll need to log in to the beta program with your original login info.
Initial download (started automatically after entering the redemption cert) failed almost immediately with (of course) no useful error message. Went to Purchases (had to relaunch App Store, it was wedged after failed dl) and restarted download. Watched it get to more than 1 GB of 5+ GB, then went away. When I came back, it had failed again.   Third time's a charm!?! At 1.75 GB and counting now
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