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Used to be that you just needed deep pockets to buy iPhones. Now you need wide ones too.
> What phenomenon are you referring to with this comment?
Go to apple.com, search for Yosemite and select the Yosemite Preview article that should appear in the list, go to bottom of that page and look for the test drive link. You'll need to log in to the beta program with your original login info.
Initial download (started automatically after entering the redemption cert) failed almost immediately with (of course) no useful error message. Went to Purchases (had to relaunch App Store, it was wedged after failed dl) and restarted download. Watched it get to more than 1 GB of 5+ GB, then went away. When I came back, it had failed again.   Third time's a charm!?! At 1.75 GB and counting now
 Nonsense! Speed depends on optimizations that exist in the compiler (and even linker, etc) and the ability of the language to expose code and data to optimization. The more guarantees you have about what your variables are, the more chances you have to optimize with them. The better the language exposes code interdependencies, the more chances the compiler has to optimize them. See the discussion in the Swift manual (iBooks) on Arrays and Dictionaries and how you can...
I'm with you, but maybe even more so. let dictionary = [akey : avalue] is cool. It's truly immutable, in the ordinary sense, as Apple's NS classes do it. let array = [athing0, athing1] // agreed that array is not really immutable since its elements can be changed // but wait, there's morelet anotherRef = arraylet yetAnotherRef = array array[0] = somethingelse // the other two refs see this change also, because it's NOT really by-value, these are references // here it gets...
Of course, by the time you realize the mapping program has led you astray, you may be past a critical exit on the Interstate, or somewhere far from your destination, or in one-way street hell; in that case, the chatter doesn't seem particularly silly.   This article seems to make a number of one-sided, categorical claims, which make it kind of annoying.
I have to disagree with Daniel on the spartan Apple approach being more useful/useable than Google's more detailed rendering. I'm quite familiar with the Shinjuku and Yotsuya areas in Tokyo, and find lots of familiar names on the Google version that help me find my way around the map and trigger memories that get me pointed right ("Oh yes, it's along Aoyama-dori a few hundred meters east of Aoyama-itchome" - I can see both of those names on the Google version [3:29 PM...
Yes. In '99 (was it?) when we were given a choice, I went with Agilent, because it was very apparent that HP was turning into a Marketing engine, rather than remaining an Innovation engine; I did this despite not being a EE, which is at the core of what Agilent was at its birth (I developed and supported OS software on the computer side). The disease at HP had started years earlier, and the Agilent split and resulting necessity to declare loyalties bought it into sharp...
So the program is actually titled "This American Lie"?
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