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Yes, but that means it doesn't describe the stock market. :-)
"had decided to kill the webOS hardware team" Did they say what they plan to do with the bodies?
"carry's"? Plea'se fi'x! "8-megapixel lens"? When did lenses start getting megapixels? They're pieces of glass or plastic.
Don't forget, there'll be e Reality Distortion Field that'll thwart Google.(Hope they put a Spindizzy under that thing)
"Just works" is fine when it does. A week or two ago, in order to try out iWork.com, I had to change the email address attached to my AppleID, because the old address (in Japan) is defunct now that we live in Washington, and iWork.com needed to send me a confirmation email. So I did. Looked fine, until 3-4 days ago, when the App Store (or one of those quasi-cloudy Apple network things) challenged me to confirm my payment details (this was for free updates to free iOS...
Here in Bellingham, WA, starting soon after 8:00 AM, I downloaded it at an average I'd estimate at about 1.7 MBps, or over 13 Mbps. I have Comcast's 12 Mbps "Performance" package for $24.95, and IMO they've exceeded their commitment. Apple has astounded me by serving it at this speed. Very pleased with both companies. It's rebooted and is installing right now on my 27" late 2009 i7 iMac.
>GaAs >The toxicological properties of gallium arsenide have not been thoroughly investigated. On one hand, due to its arsenic content, it is considered highly toxic and carcinogenic. On the other hand... In other words, if you eat your iPhone, it'll give you gaas? Bet it blends.
If they were too expensive, there would be little or no profit, as the market would reject them. Since they do make such profits, they seem to have priced the products well. Their responsibility in this area (profitability) is to their stockholders, to maximize profits, not to you or me
Except if we're responding to the birthersXXXXXXXX strict 1080p-ers, the horizontal needs to be exactly 1080*16/9 = 1920, so we'll need to drop 2048-1920 = 128 of horizontal pixels (2 64-pixel pillars) to allow an un-stretched 1080p by-the-numbers display, leading to a black surround of the whole video. If I can find one, the first 1080p video I watch on such a display will show angels dancing on the head of a pin.
This building begs for a giant propeller in the middle.
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