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So the program is actually titled "This American Lie"?
I guess Apple is also publishing fake pictures, since is the same pixel size.
The Camera button always appears on the lock screen; you slide the button upward to get to the camera. There's a visual hint consisting of a couple of dark lines above and below the button, similar to the control you'd use to reorder lists in Edit mode in apps. Also, tapping the button causes the window to jump up a bit, revealing the camera controls behind it, but tapping or double-tapping doesn't enter camera mode, probably a good idea. On another front, Siri's "Raise to...
What is so terrible about RSS in Safari? It works just about exactly the way I want it to.
The pulsating belly cartoon ad at top right of the second page was so distracting and made concentration so difficult I finally just quit reading.
Where is the innovation? Siri. and highly useful dictation capability. Retina display. Gyro. And it has advances over the iPhone 4 8Mpix low-light camera. Faster CPU. Bluetooth 4.0 - (signed) Zaisu
Other makers' profit margins are much slimmer than Apple's, and they probably can't afford to emulate Apple's relatively open-handed support policies.
No I haven't found her yet. How does that make you feel?
Nor either surviving Beatle? \
> Apple may hold iPhone 5 event in smaller venue on Cupertino campus They're holding it wrong.
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