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Exploiting a good cause is pretty lame, tbh...
I plugged my old PS2 into my 55" TV, and it looks pretty bad... I wonder if they rewrote the old games for HD? Edit- I would get this thing if I could play Cyberball 2042 for psp on my tv though.
I wonder if they're going to start selling smart cases in a color other than gray again?
The 2014 Civic adds iOS in the car.
Cellular MacBook Air/Pro?
I just wish I didn't have to download the 4gb Mavericks update each time for the four Macs at my house... And then all the iWork apps 4 times afterwards.
iPad 1 didn't get iOS 6 either.
Apple and Samsung are the only companies that sell smartphones?
HBO is owned by Time Warner, so I think that is unlikely to happen for now...
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