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That's fair, reasonable and non-discriminatory?
And if he comes back to Apple that means that Samsung or Google don't get him.Sad to say, JCP coming back was/is a long shot, and it shows that retail isn't easy. Hopefully he learned some hard lessons that he can use back at Apple.
If you don't want to watch for the next listing, that refurbished 13" MacBook Pro is $20 more on the Apple Store.
The iPhone and iPad w/cellular have built-in GPS receivers.
FWIW, I had to wait a week and a half to get my iPad 4 64gb AT&T from Best Buy as the entire region was out of stock...
That chart will be even worse for Google when Samsung inevitably forks Android.
When I preordered the iPad 1 the first day it was available, I thought the iPad finally realized the promise of portable computing that laptops and netbooks failed at (this was before the MacBook Air). My iPad mini with its lightness, thinness, and keyboard-lessness (haha) takes this even farther, and with the bigger display, it's a different and sometimes better computing experience than my iPhone.
I'm waiting for the Apple TV Podcast app that supports iCloud subscription tracking like the iOS app...
Apple still accounts for almost 30% of worldwide NAND flash memory demand though.http://www.storagenewsletter.com/news/marketreport/apple-nand-flash-ihs-isuppli
I agree, Apple would be filling in one of its moats by changing the dock connector. The ability to reuse your accessories with multiple devices is a tremendous incentive to stick with an iOS device in the future. For example, I'm still using the Apple Universal Dock I bought with my long gone iPod Video, and I have a iHealth blood pressure dock that I have used with my iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.And I just got my Elevation Dock, dammit! =)
New Posts  All Forums: