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I agree, Apple would be filling in one of its moats by changing the dock connector. The ability to reuse your accessories with multiple devices is a tremendous incentive to stick with an iOS device in the future. For example, I'm still using the Apple Universal Dock I bought with my long gone iPod Video, and I have a iHealth blood pressure dock that I have used with my iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.And I just got my Elevation Dock, dammit! =)
Hopefully there will be iCloud integration that will keep track of the podcasts you have already seen/heard like on iTunes for the desktop.
"Our buy ratings are a little different than what one would normally expect in that we give a band where we feel the stock is a “strong buy” and where the stock is a “buy.” We also give a price target. But what we don’t do is publish an ongoing buy rating. Our buy ratings are thus temporary in nature."
  That's what you do with your old iPad! 
I'm waiting for an Apple TV version of the Time Warner Cable app...
I stopped using my iPad 1 in portrait when reading, b/c the text anti-aliasing in some instances was messing with my eyes. Text looks great in portrait with the retina display on my new iPad.
Haha, no problem
I was implying that I was hoping that I could start a Numbers spreadsheet on my iPhone and be able to finish it on my Mac, and sync it back to my iPhone, which is kind of a PITA to do right now. I ended up using iDisk, but sadly that's going away too.
Hopefully the iWork Mac apps will be updated to work with iCloud soon.
I meant it in the exact way you are describing. I thought it was "Silicon Hills"?
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