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Well there is Apple's first point of influence on IBM - there is no way that page was written by the same guy responsible for the rest of IBMs web site it is Apple through and through.
US only or just slow to roll out in the UK? I'm a Prime subscriber and I've downloaded the updated "Amazon Music" app ("Amazon Cloud Player" as was) but I can only see stuff I've bought?
It was the intake of breath and applause at the mention of "closures", "type inference" and "multiple return types" that really shows that developers have been wanting this and it is going to be massive...
Granted it's not as convenient as a 1 click tool but it's not a massively difficult effect to achieve manually... Pixelmator even have a tutorial - http://www.pixelmator.com/tutorials/effects/vignette-effect/
Definitely the case for me... I've upgraded my iPhone on contract renewal every time so far (3G -> 4 -> 5 and will most likely get a 6 when it gets released later this year) but I'm still on my iPad 3 and until things start to fail to work on it or it gets dropped from the latest version of iOS support I've got no real intention to upgrade. I jumped from the iPad 2 to 3 after 12 months for the retina screen but since then the 3 has done and continues to do everything I...
I'm sure they can be extremely accurate in these figures as every iPhone has to be activated against an Apple ID and they will know whether that Apple ID has previously had any other iPhones / iPads / iPod Touch activated against it or not... No previous activations = new to iPhone as it is extremely unlikely that people are going to create a new Apple ID for every new device because they'd lose all previous App purchases, etc if they did.
Weirdly I'd just started thinking in the last couple of days that my sleep wake button didn't seem quite as responsive as it should be - just checked on the web site and my serial number is eligible so I guess a trip to my local apple store is in my near future. Also the article only mentions US and Canada but the program page has a country drop down and worked fine for me here in the UK.
And here was me fully expecting a 5 month turnaround following the new hires and for them to be in the iPhone 6 later this year... /sMore from the land of stating the bleeding obvious coming up at 10 - stay tuned folks.
The link between the Facebook app and the Messenger app is pretty seamless on iPhone - the messages button in Facebook switches to the Messenger app and a bar at the top of the Messenger app takes you back, neither with any real delay... I have no problems with them being separate apps as it means you can chat via Facebook - and lets face it, soon WhatsApp is going to be in here too - without the need to waste bandwidth and data allowance updating your news feed at the...
The issue is the subscription model itself.... Office 2010 Home & Student Edition is £60 on amazon - yes it's getting old now but it still does everything I could ever need from office for a 1 off payment and it is likely to be compatible for many years to come. Why on earth would I want to swap that one off payment for a £79.99 a year subscription where the price and terms can change at a moments notice when Microsoft decide they deserve more money?
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