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Still getting the no longer available error here - I guess it's just taking a while to roll out internationally for some reason so I'll leave it for now and try again in a few hours when I get home from work.
Has anyone managed to download this from the UK App Store yet? The direct link above takes me to the app but clicking buy gives me a "The item you tried to buy is no longer available" error. It also doesn't appear in any search results if I ignore the direct link above and just try searching for it.
This is all good news for me - my 128Gb Wifi Air 2 has shipped and should be delivered tomorrow - can't wait to experience the performance increase over my current iPad 3
Update through iTunes is always the full release - you only get the smaller delta updates OTA.
Beta to a GM / Release version is always a full install rather than a delta just to be safe and clean up anything that could cause issues... to be honest I was actually quite surprised that it gave me an OTA option as the 8.0 beta to GM update forced you through iTunes.Down to 6 minutes remaining on my iPhone 6, 4 minutes remaining on my iPad 3 but that did have a couple of minute head start as I hit update on that first.
And here we see the down side of having installed the beta - my OTA is giving me the full 1.7Gb enchilada rather than the 127Mb delta update from 8.02.... Thank goodness for fibre broadband although my estimated download time keeps jumping backwards and forwards between 3 and 12 minutes...
Not quite - iTunes Radio has (randomly) made it to Australia too but that is as far as it seems to have got... I suspect a lot of the delays with iTunes radio elsewhere are going to be at the record company end rather than Apple.
I was working on the (perhaps misguided) theory that we'd see an official GM release around a week before public release, but so far we've just had the 3 developer GM "candidate" releases and a 6th public beta and we are now only 3 days from the announcement.As far as iOS 8.1 goes I think this pretty much needs to be released in unison with Yosemite as it will contain all the Yosemite handoff functionality so I'm expecting them both at the same time, I'm just not sure...
I was hoping we might see the Yosemite release (along with iOS 8.1) immediately after Thursday's announcement but that is looking far from likely now - I guess maybe a GM of both at best and then release a week or so later, possibly timed with whatever new hardware is unveiled.
I was only reading this a little while ago... http://www.theregister.co.uk/2014/10/13/law_enforcement_only_blame_themselves_increasing_smartphone_crypto/
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