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Can't wait to get my hands on this!
All iOS devices, including the new iPad, will display that they are 100 percent charged just before the device reaches a fully charged state. Hm, I'm guessing an hour and a half of additional charging is JUST before it reaches full charge?
You guys are missing the point. The new iPad says it is 100% charged when it is obviously not. You can still have trickle charging take place, but the percentage should still reflect that it's feeding the new iPad less juice (ex. 96%-100% will take a considerably longer amount of time). Insider source says internal quota for charge time had to be met, so they 'modified' the display computer to have it say 100% before it was done charging). Easy, huh? If you want a...
so yeah, i mean the notifications are a step up...but are they done right? could they be better? could they be different? it's fine and dandy is all, but nothing like wow, my eyes jumped out of my head. so they hire a guy from palm who did webos notifications, then they went ahead and 'borrowed' a similar type of functionality from another OS. mm, yes that makes sense. its kind of like, yeah, good they're better, but what is there to rave about? pc-less? yeah, playing...
Consider this product DOA. They just do not get it.
So much for claims that the next iteration will have an edge-to-edge screen...
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