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Remember how Apple caught a lot of flack when they moved the headphone jack to the bottom of the iPhone 5? Could they have been planning for this possibility way back then?
Well, maybe an idiot judge from another jurisdiction, but you really need to take a closer look at why the patent suits are filed in the East Texas District... mainly the faster time to trial, streamlined court rules, conservative jury base, and experienced judges. Most of the judges are willing and able to put in the research needed and call in the experts when required to understand the cases.Quoted from this slightly dated but very informative interview with lawyers...
Hey, I'm from Texas and you really don't want to give that much power to Mexico... In other news, I have to admit that lots of frivolous patent lawsuits are filed here in East Texas.
Sorry if this has been said but I've never really understood the need to connect a raid array to a notebook. Do you really carry the array around with you everywhere? I guess I could see it for a musician... or maybe a high end photographer, but still do you really need that much faster disk access out in the world? I'm just curious.
Actually, this has been going on for some months now, at least in some markets. My current 2 year family plan doesn't renew until around June, but my primary line has been eligible since last November and the 3 other lines since mid February according to the in store rep I normally deal with at my local ATT store. We've been holding off to see what, if anything, is intro'ed in June before we trade up our 2 Blackberries and 1 Motorazor to new iPhones.
Though there is no way to know for sure, it may depend on how much is changed. The last 2 updates (in June 2007 and February of 2008) were "available immediately" but were basically speed bumps to the existing design. The first Intel MacBook Pro was announced January 2006 with shipments to start in February but real availability took as much as 6 weeks or more depending on where you were. The next 2 updates (April 2006 and October 2006) were announced with shipments to...
One important thing to keep in mind is, based on Apple's warning to their distributors, supply could become short in the last week or so... you might want to keep an eye on supplies of the model you want as the time to buy comes closer. You don't want to get caught in the dry spell should the current models run out before shipping starts on something new. I'd hate for anyone who needs something soon to get caught waiting weeks past their "must have" date for shipments to...
Sorry if there have already been responses, but I've got a family plan with 4 lines, 2 of them Blackberrys with full data access and unlimited text messages for all 4 lines. If I were to upgrade either of the Blackberrys, let alone both or all 4 lines, the cost increase would be significant over what I'm paying now. This contract is only a year old, so we probably wouldn't be upgrading anyhow, but just isn't quite true, at least in my case. Ankly
I would certainly wait for possible Monday announcements (it's only a couple of days) but the best bet for your money is probably this MacBook 2.4 White referbished unit from the Apple store. It's got all the features you ask for and I doubt you'll get a new MacBook anytime soon at the price point you want with features you ask for. Many people report good results with refurbished units and frankly I'd rather pay a bit more for a refurb than take my chances on Ebay. Just...
Impressive. I really like the idea of this machine, and there aren't too many areas where one could say that Apple skimped too much... except... has anyone else noticed the lack of any way to use any sort of mobile broadband such as the Sprint cards in the Sony TZ or any of the solutions from Verizon or ATT/Cingular? Seems to me that the person most inclined to purchase this system is also the one most apt to miss this feature?
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