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This!!! So right! Apple has been able to get away with generic names for products where the older model is discontinued in favor of the newer model. But in the case of the iDevices the older models is sticking around: The iPhone 3GS and 4 are still being sold new by Apple along with the 4S. Going to fully generic naming with the iPad means that if the previous generation continues to be sold as new by Apple, it's going to be confusing for customers and sales staff: Joe...
It's nice to see that Apple is still giving some of its attention to Mac widgets, but it's a feature on life support until Apple relaunches the feature on the developer side. The current Apple site for distributing widgets doesn't allow for developers to update them anymore. It's been left out in the cold because of iOS mania I suppose, which is unfortunate because people (both users and developers) really liked widgets when the first came on the scene.
QFT, man.
I don't think IP theft is actively encouraged in China as much as it's not usually actively discouraged.
I think it's very much premature to declare an end to Moore's Law because of a realtively subpar bump to the 13" MacBook (so-called Pros). The real MBPs, the 15" and 17" models, received pretty impressive upgrades and are probably Apple's most competitive computer models. Yes, Apple is in a problematic spot because of Nvidia's licensing problems with Intel, but I don't know why people necessarily fault Nvidia. Maybe I missed something the company did, but it seemed to me...
Is it time to have an iOS forum to go along with the Mac OS X forum? I'm trying to figure out where to post a specific thread about an aspect of iOS, and it occurred to me that I don't think there's currently a proper venue for it.
If this patent becomes a product, I have no problem with it as long as it extends the Mac experience, rather than replace the Mac/Mac OS X. The iOS is a great OS for touch applications, but it's certainly not a replacement for a full, general purpose computing OS like Mac OS X. The idea about iOS as a Dashboard replacement is intriguing. I had not thought about that before, and it makes a lot of sense. Dashboard is basically dead because all the developers went over to...
I think your imagination has gotten a bit ahead of you, bro. That's a Photoshop alteration of an iPhone, not an iPod touch 4G.
I'm surprised I'm the only one to be thinking about the xMac upon hearing this news. Give us an xMac already, Apple. It isn't too hard.
I agree in large part. The loss of Firewire on the MacBooks is a more substantial omission than the loss of the optical drive would be. However, it is true that the MB target demographic would react more harshly to the removal of the optical drive than they would/have to the removal of Firewire.
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