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 The problem is, you gun grabbers never do.  For instance in Britain when guns were banned, murder by handgun went up dramatically-- because now the bad guys knew their victims were disarmed.   Murders over all skyrocketed.  You don't want to get rid of guns- you want the out of control cops to have them to easily murder us and the innocent citizens to be unable to defend themselves. You're just like the sheep who vote for every tyrant.
Another Argumentum ad Terrorem! It's really funny watching all those guns running around society.  Driving to work, shopping at walmart. Why do guns shop at walmart?  I don't know, but the government, she does nothing! You want to take guns away, you're the criminal scumbag in the equation. (And lacking in critical thinking skills to boot.)
Someone should inform Apple Inside that John Scully is no longer CEO of Apple.
 Al Gore's pontificating. Yes, he is that old.  You must be pretty gullible.
Glad to see him out in front on this issue. Google execs are MIA, as usual, probably back adding more fiber for the NSA to spy on their customers. Apple, and other moral tech companies, need to start pouring money into lobbying, and more importantly to campaigns for candidates that support freedom. A billion dollars would be a good start.
Good Stuff. This is the kind of article I like to see in AI. Daisy was a douchebag in Seattle who worked at Amazon and then trashed that place and got some success. At least in that case, Amazon really is a hellish place to work. But of course, Apple is more famous and so, why not make shit up about Apple? He can't tell reality from fantasy.
I won't break an NDA but I will simply say that we don't know what's in the App Store.
 The lady doth clearly protest to much.  Since you just admitted that libertarianism is the moral position, why continue to resist?  Stockholm Syndrome?
OMG.  Bernie Sanders voted for previous incarnations of this bill, against auditing the federal reserve etc.  Sure now that he's running for president he pretends. The reason the country is fucked up is that people like you are so gullible. 
The next step is they are going to make Apple's end-to-end encryption illegal. Apple and Google et. al. share some blame here- clearly they are not spending enough money on lobbyists and getting libertarians elected. 
New Posts  All Forums: