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This is just software, likely fixed in the next OS X I bet.
Apple needs to take this threat seriously.  They need to recognize that it's only going to get worse now that they are the largest company in the world.   They should take everything they're spending on Bromwich and other intrusive government nonsense, and then match it, or match it three times and put that money into Libertarian organizations and pro-capitalist candidates (who are also not anti-gay.)   Basically Libertarians are the ones who are pro freedom, including...
Bet Xcode 7 comes at WWDC in 3 weeks.
 I wish you-- and everyone else-- would actually read this law. It agrees with your position stated above.  It limits governments ability to violate the rights of religious people, by requiring the government to show a compelling need.   This is consistent iwht the first amendment and protects religion, it doesn't establish religion or favor religion. 
This whole thing is silly.  I'm bisexual, so if you call me a right wing anything, it just exposes you.   It is legal in Indiana and nearly every state to discriminate against gays.  It always has been, this law didn't change anything.   That pizzeria isn't run by bigots.  She said she was happy to have gay customers come to the restaurant.  She said she wasn't going to cater a gay wedding--- because she doesn't cater weddings.  Duh.   Tim Cook actually shouldn't...
Reznor is a great choice.  He's a mac fan from way back, has a great aesthetic.  So long as he isn't programming the thing I think he'll be a good influence.
The reality on the ground in Scandinavia does not support this view. You know, it was only 40 years ago that people like you were running around claiming the USSR was the happiest, most successful country on the planet, and proof that socialism works.
 This is true of every government.  That's all governments do-- the sack the country, make politicians wealthy, and then when the ill effects become obvious, they blame corporations. Look at healthcare in the USA-- Milton Friedman found that government was the cause of %96.2 of all health care costs.  So that $100,000 operation would, absent government, only cost you $3,800.    Yet despite destroying health care (and lowering quality and availability) what does government...
Dan Lyons has been caught lying so many times that he has no credibility.  Nothing he says is worth listening to.   Why is AI publishing his response here?  **** him.  Make him publish it on his own site.   What is AI afraid of?
I've been around for many years and watched many of these Time hype-fests.   Only one thing is certain- whomever they pick will be inane and picked for inane reasons.   Hell, Edward Snowden, the undisputed person of the year last year, didn't get it.
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