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All the people pooh-poohing the iPhone here are the same people who say Final Cut X is not professional.   EG: The "spend big money and hard to use == professional" crowd.   True, to get shallow depth of field you need a bigger sensor, and reading out 4k on a big sensor at 30 or 60 fps is not trivial....    but most delivery is at 1080p and so this comparison is valid.   The real truth is this-- the camera manufacturers have been letting their electronics and the...
Bromwich and Cote belong in jail.  For life.  If there was justice.  But the system is so corrupt it isn't even funny. 
I think Tim Cook may be libertarian as well.   Years ago, Steve Wozniak said that Jobs read Atlas Shrugged and it changed his worldview-- did the same thing for me. Was a liberal, became a libertarian after reading that book.  (It pretty much demolishes liberalism, which is why liberal media is constantly bashing Ayn Rand)   Strictly speaking, Apple isn't too libertarian- discrimination is the nature of freedom of association.  EG: If you don't want to associate with...
I'm thinking about getting one, but mainly for health tracking, etc. But keeping the phone in the pocket for notifications is a nice advantage.
Suicide is a problem among gay youths, in part because they lack role models.
On top of that the ads use tracking and install lots of needless cookies. Notice how the worst douchebags-- the self important, self appointed idiots that low quality sites refer to with such reverence are using snotty ad services like The Deck? Gruber charges an arm and a leg for people to come to his site which is itself all advertisements- you can't block it because all he writes about is his app, his friends, himself, his political opinions (ignorant of course.) and...
Apple's lawyers do need to have a call-- the accusation is defamatory, and will stick (like all the other bullshit people have made up about apple over the years) unless Tidal retracts it. And Tidal should retract it because otherwise they could be facing serious liability.
Now after 30 years, this is the first thing that has indicated to me that Apple has lost its way.   Kowtowing to bad science.  Global Warming was disproven in the 1980s, but it's great for stealing peoples money, which government loves to do.   Apple should stay out of it.
Guilty of what?  Bringing competition to the previously monopoly controlled ebook market and requiring the prices to be low?  Oh, what a crime that was! Really, Apple was guilty of competing with a politically well connected company-- Amazon-- in an age where the rule of pull is what matters, not the rule of law.
Apple has the right to distribute these artists via iTunes.  Whether they eventually sign a beats deal or not is not really that material-- at the time the ads were made there were discussions ongoing I'm sure.
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