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Reznor is a great choice.  He's a mac fan from way back, has a great aesthetic.  So long as he isn't programming the thing I think he'll be a good influence.
The reality on the ground in Scandinavia does not support this view. You know, it was only 40 years ago that people like you were running around claiming the USSR was the happiest, most successful country on the planet, and proof that socialism works.
 This is true of every government.  That's all governments do-- the sack the country, make politicians wealthy, and then when the ill effects become obvious, they blame corporations. Look at healthcare in the USA-- Milton Friedman found that government was the cause of %96.2 of all health care costs.  So that $100,000 operation would, absent government, only cost you $3,800.    Yet despite destroying health care (and lowering quality and availability) what does government...
Dan Lyons has been caught lying so many times that he has no credibility.  Nothing he says is worth listening to.   Why is AI publishing his response here?  **** him.  Make him publish it on his own site.   What is AI afraid of?
I've been around for many years and watched many of these Time hype-fests.   Only one thing is certain- whomever they pick will be inane and picked for inane reasons.   Hell, Edward Snowden, the undisputed person of the year last year, didn't get it.
Apple is paying the tax it owes.   Funny how keeping money you've earned is called "greedy", but your desire to steal from people to benefit yourself isn't considered greedy.  Orwell was right!
Apple's cases look fine. They look appropriate. It's amazing how gaudy even the "high fashion" iPhone cases are. Maybe that's why Micheal Kors is no longer on project runway.
Sigh.   Basically everything this article says is wrong.  It's clearly written by someone who does not understand security or cryptography.   It's such a mess that there isn't much point in attempting to rebut it specifically.    Kinda like explaining evolution to a creationist, or physics to a global warmist.
A half billion dollar, illegal, shakedown.   Amazon had the influence with the president, so Amazon got it's monopoly protected by his thugs.   Apple is barred from COMPETING with Amazon.  COMPETITION is not "unsavory".   Total travesty of justice here, Cote belongs behind bars for the rest of her life.   And Al Gore needs the boot from the board... if he can't deliver pull to stop stuff like this, why are they paying him?  Advice?  From the guy who gave us global...
 Aka a Libertarian.  He believed in individual freedom, both social (Eg: gay marriage) and economic (e.g.: not using taxes to punish success.) After he died in an interview with Woz, it came out that Atlas Shrugged was one of the books Jobs liked back in the day. Most people, if they weren't twisted up into knots by the two party partisans would recognize that they are libertarians.
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