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Now after 30 years, this is the first thing that has indicated to me that Apple has lost its way.   Kowtowing to bad science.  Global Warming was disproven in the 1980s, but it's great for stealing peoples money, which government loves to do.   Apple should stay out of it.
Guilty of what?  Bringing competition to the previously monopoly controlled ebook market and requiring the prices to be low?  Oh, what a crime that was! Really, Apple was guilty of competing with a politically well connected company-- Amazon-- in an age where the rule of pull is what matters, not the rule of law.
Apple has the right to distribute these artists via iTunes.  Whether they eventually sign a beats deal or not is not really that material-- at the time the ads were made there were discussions ongoing I'm sure.
 Your hypothesis has merit on the face of it, but you're forgetting something.  While it takes thousands of letter carriers to deliver the mail in a large city, a small handfull of programmers can write a mail app to serve millions of people.  Software has great leverage... this means that there won't be as many software programmers needed to replace the thousands of letter carriers who will lose their jobs.  There may not be enough demand for the supply. Further, I think...
My mother was a programmer. I've been in software for decades.  20 years ago there were plenty of women programmers. Grace Hopper was a pioneer and the lead on the Apollo software project was a woman.     Outside the USA there are lots of women in tech.  At some companies 30-40 percent of the programmers I work with and 50 percent of the teams are women.   No company I've worked with has been hostile to women.    IF there aren't as many women in tech its because...
Just because there is A root certificate from CNNIC does not mean its THE root certificate for which the unauthorized child certificates were issued. Need ti give the fingerprint of the bad cert, and evidence that this is the correct fingerprint.  Then we can see if that root cert is still in our system.   So no, just copying the current fingerprint and posting it here won't count.  Show us the bad certs for google domains that are signed with the bad root cert whose...
 Uh, that's not what root certificates do. They allow the creation of child certificates that can then be authenticated by the device (using the root certificate.) They have nothing to do with backdoors... and you should stop spreading this kind of claim when you don't understand the basics of the technology.
If they have a major new store initiative, this would be a perfect time to put her on stage... given her role, she's going to be on stage during WWDC or during a major product announcement... and to be honest I expect she's probably going to really kick butt on stage. She's not a nerd and I think she'll have great presence.
All of the newsstand apps are already standalone apps...so it won't hurt the magazine makers really... they probably won't even have to recompile.
Last time I went to WWDC I got a LEATHER JACKET with an Aqua X on the back of it to advertise the new OS X. Ok, I think that wasn't the last time but one of the last times. We have had screen optimized fonts for over a decade, I don't know what people are talking about saying that San Fran is the first one. San Fran is just optimized for the watch and freshened up to fit the current minimalism that is popular-- this goes in cycles. That OS X that was being announced...
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