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17" MacBook Pro would solve my display problems with the stock market.  But it will probably never happen.
Interesting.  My Amazon Echo responds to TV ads that use the Name Alexa.  Such as "Alexa, What is the News?".  I can see Apple Phones responding to "Hey Siri" when not wanted just as my Echo does.  This is not often , but it is funny when it happens.
I like AppleCare on products because I can call Apple for Tech Support on that product or Software that runs on that product made by Apple. 3 Years of Apple Tech Support is worth the price. I have never liked Best Buy, their Sales staff or Support. They have always tried to sell Samsung over Apple, often without knowing what they are really saying. I hope they don't try to act like they know what I need or want when I go into the store next time. Also, the sales...
Show me the Chips and the Product - Please
Well, it would be nice if the smaller towns in GA and other States had competing internet providers. We are stuck with Cable or DSL and that is the limit of competition. 1 Cable provider and 1 land line provider who are milking the people financially. Satellite is not a bad TV provider, but that still leaves the dilemma of high prices or slow high priced internet. No competition is not good. But with that said, I would love to have and pay for Google fiber to my house.
Now if the Browsers can just do away with MS Silverlight.
If I were an institution and did not hold Apple stock, I would be embarrassed. If I held some of the other positions they hold, I would be further embarrassed when comparing them to Apple. Apple is indeed buying back it's stock because they know this is a great company at a good price.
tokojimu has a most revealing comment. The saved passwords to WiFi hotspots are not saved. There may be a few other things, put perhaps the restore from an encrypted backup made to the computer is the better way. Any experts want to comment.
One of many physical buttons to be replaced with easy to use "Electronic Buttons" . I would be excited to see the Home, Volume, Silence, and Off Buttons replaced with "Electronic Buttons". That could be improved even more if there were no Microphone or Speaker Ports. Time will tell and you can probably be sure Apple is considering it.
I am sure their numbers are as accurate as the estimate of the number of bags of boiled peanuts sold at roadside stands. I don't pay attention to Slice, Market Watch or Business Insider's articles any longer - they are bogus and made up. Have you ever seen a writer (aka Analyst) retract his estimates that were wrong ? I have not.
New Posts  All Forums: