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Repetitive reboots happened on my iPhone5 before I upgraded to iOS8.1 - somewhere in the recent upgrades. I decided it would eventually stop and it did after software releases stabilized. I must admit it had me concerned. I don't have close to 700 apps. It was iOS update related.
The new Translucent Menus are not very clear on my MacBook Air Fall 2010. I like Black on White better (the old ones) and am having trouble finding something that is easy to read.
Overstated problem, just like the bent iPhone. The QA dept has corrected the slight problem faster than I ever anticipated. Drop the concern and move on to something. The QA Manager gets my Vote.
BP, Heart Rate & O2 would be winners for a Health App. As to if this can be done easily & Accurately without the traditional BP Cuff, - I don't know.
Follow the Guidelines of this article about Apple University if possible - Keep it simple. It used to be.
I don't blame Apple for having a stock buyback program and it is not bad business. As a long time investor, I believe AAPL is reasonably priced and I have been adding shares. The only thing that is keeping me from adding more is a % limit I have imposed on any particular stock. One never knows what is going to happen, but I have faith in Apple management and its employees. I lack faith in Wall Street. WS runs a shell game at best. Past performance is no indication of...
Samsung will be a better place for Mr. Carney. With so many against Mr Carney & so many vowing to sell their stock and not buy Apple Products; a Samsung placement would be great for Apple.
I certainly hope Apple is smart enough not to hire Jay Carney. He would be a terrible choice and it would be a negative for Apple. I would think he was lying every time he did a release.
As a long time shareholder, I also approve this message.  Drop them as fast as possible.  
Are NYC Columnist James Stewart & CNBS Co-Anchor Simon Hobbs gay or did I misread the article ?
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