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Samsung will be a better place for Mr. Carney. With so many against Mr Carney & so many vowing to sell their stock and not buy Apple Products; a Samsung placement would be great for Apple.
I certainly hope Apple is smart enough not to hire Jay Carney. He would be a terrible choice and it would be a negative for Apple. I would think he was lying every time he did a release.
As a long time shareholder, I also approve this message.  Drop them as fast as possible.  
Are NYC Columnist James Stewart & CNBS Co-Anchor Simon Hobbs gay or did I misread the article ?
Interesting App. I would want to easily know the date and tine spanned. Great to see if "ducks" are eating your grass seed while you are away from home, etc. !
I have no doubt that Apple can produce better, more informative ads.  They have the technology in house - maybe even the people.  What I personally would like to see is snippets what the products can do.  Often I watch an ad (not necessarily an Apple ad) and I say to my wife: What are they trying to sell or say ?  When I show people what my Fall 2010 MacBook Air is capable of doing, they often say I did not know an Apple could do that.     Apple Products and software...
Apple's expertise points in this direction. They are able to do what few others can: iPhone or Mac on a chip eventually.
Legally, does it matter if this anti-poaching practice is maintained within a single large corporation. i.e., location or department X will not make an offer to an employee in location or department Y without all the managers agreeing, etc. before it is made. Including interviews. Is this wrong to hold down the ability of individuals to transfer within a large corporation, say 30-40,000 people ? If practiced, this stifles the ability of individuals to go up or go around...
New Posts  All Forums: