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Apple's expertise points in this direction. They are able to do what few others can: iPhone or Mac on a chip eventually.
Legally, does it matter if this anti-poaching practice is maintained within a single large corporation. i.e., location or department X will not make an offer to an employee in location or department Y without all the managers agreeing, etc. before it is made. Including interviews. Is this wrong to hold down the ability of individuals to transfer within a large corporation, say 30-40,000 people ? If practiced, this stifles the ability of individuals to go up or go around...
The Personal Hotspot Feature should exist on all carriers and not be restricted. The Data Cap is what really matters. Otherwise, the Carrier is ripping off the customers which they are really good at doing. Next time I will buy an unsubsidized phone and not be tied to a carrier for a time period. It is an unreasonable one sided contract. They do not deliver on the service end and we have to deliver (always) on the paying end. I had almost rather be shot than go into a...
Jessie Jackson is a terrible choice for a diversity campaign leader. He is a known racial bigot. Apple has plenty of diverse employees and Mr Jackson has only 1 thing in mind - Black, not diverse. He has been a trouble maker all of his life and I would not give him the time of day. He is biased and not worth even a conversation on the subject.
Remember 128K Ram in a Mac ? Probably not, but it was large for the day.
I also look forward to Advance Route Planning on Apple Maps. This is needed so we can plan our trips on our Mac's and navigate them with our iPhones or iPads. Unfortunately, I think the new Google Maps User Interface is also confusing to me also. I am constantly finding myself lost on the desktop, which should not be the case.
The 5c may not have been resounding success, but Apple learned a lot. I would not mind a polycarbonate cased phone. What was surprising to me was that it was almost a copy of the 5. I think that was a mistake. Had the 5c been an improvement to the 5, It would have sold much better. If the larger phone comes out in polycarbonate and is a big improvement, it will sell very well. Apple will continue to produce the best product for its customers and they will...
This was a very interesting article. Tim Cook & Company are doing a fantastic job at making money while producing excellently made products. It is not easy to do this. Who else is doing both with these margins ? There will be more products coming when the time is right & they will be great. While I can imagine a few like everyone else, no one in the press knows exactly what Apple is going to do. The articles we read are fluff written by authors who publish such for...
New Posts  All Forums: