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All new apps or updates submitted to the app store have to include 64bit support. That doesn't mean that they had to omit 32bit support though. 
Still no love for Canada. Booo! :(
Odds are you've never been physically threatened for being straight, told you were going to burn in hell for being straight, had to fear you might lose your job (or never land one) if anyone found out you were straight, had your parents kick you out of the house and disown you because they found out you were a straight teen... The list goes on. So no, you don't need 'straight pride'.
Hmm I haven't got the email yet.   I guess with so many developers now, it takes a while to send all the notifications out.
Wah wah wah. If they thought the agreement was unfair, why did they sign it in the first place?
 Just curious about this comment. Why is gay ok but trans is a reason to worry? Is it because women are not as good as CEOs? Or because he might not work as hard after having his salary cut by 30% or so? Or is it just that trans is too wierd, but gay is mostly sort of acceptable now?
It's all just a cost of doing business. By which I mean, corporations can write off their fines as business expenses, and use them to get a tax break for next year.   At least they can in USA and Canada, I assume they do in EU as well. It really softens the blow of the fine when it's tax deductable and you can just write it off.    IMHO corporations shouldn't be allowed to write off fines. Better still, the fines should be levied directly against the shareholders. You...
Leads By Following?   That has to be a mistranslation, right?   I don't know for sure though, my whole strategy with new languages in school was to 'pass by failing'.
I think Apple bought Topsy just for laughs and entertainment.   There's probably an office pool in Cupertino where they're placing bets on how long before Samsung buys a Twitter company (and announces they've been planning it long before Apple was) or how long before Google unveils a Twitter competitor.   The whole iWatch joke has run its course, so they did this to provide the next round of amusement.   Maybe next year they'll buy a bakery just to watch the rest of...
If it's anything other than Goose, I'll be disappointed.
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