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I have a 5S but I have no way to know if the level is accurate or not - there's not a single thing in my home that's level or plumb. No walls, no floors, no doors... everything is crooked or tilted. The joys of living in a 100+ year old house hehehe.     Anyhow, if I do want to put up a shelf or hang a picture, I think I'll use a $5 hardware store level, and maybe not precariously balance my $700 phone while doing DIY home projects.
 I don't know about 'almost disposable' - I've owned a number of iPhones and 3 iPads over the last few years and I've only ever had to 'dispose' of one, when my iPad 2 died and couldn't be saved. All the others, when I have upgraded, have either been given or loaned to family memebers, or sold. Or have been kept for development use - while I'm on a 5S now, I have my old 4S and my old 3GS so I can test apps at 3.5" on both iOS7 and iOS6. In terms of fragmentation, I think...
I am wondering the same thing. To me, it's a table.
Would love to see one in Canada some year. Toronto would be a good spot for a Tech Talk.
Dang it. As soon as the Canadian Apple store came back up, it was 7-10 days here.   Boo.
These changes are USA-only I guess? I don't see any changes on my AppleTV here.
Hey I use Bing! Can I have a free Surface too?   Not that I want one, but free is about the only price I'd actually consider getting one at.
I don't much care either way about the icons and other 'unusual' UX choices Apple has made.   What I do care about is as of the most-recent beta / developer preview, there are still a number of bugs and broken stuff that are impacting some developers.   I've got three apps I'm working on transitioning to iOS7, all fairly run-of-the-mill stuff, but there's at least a half dozen problems that I cannot work-around until Apple fixes their flaws. None of them are...
I could see Microsoft buying it for two reasons. First, they could incorporate the BBM / enterprise stuff directly into windows phone, eliminate any kind of cross-platform access so if you wanted that stuff WP was the only option. And second, to simply shut down / eliminate a competitor and cement themselves as the #3 smartphone platform.   I don't know how feasable or likely any of that is, but it seems to me to be something Microsoft would do.   On the other...
  They could always announce it on the 10th without shipping it till later. Maybe pre-orders open on the 20th and shipping on the 27th, with iOS7 released a few days earlier, say the 25th. That'd give them two more weeks for ironing out the issues.   On the other hand, I'm hoping beta6 and the next XCode dev preview will come out next week and solve all my remaining woes, and that September 10th will be the go-live date :D
New Posts  All Forums: