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So many things to comment on, but I guess the main thing is that they didn't plan on using an iPad app - it was a last minute solution they put to use when nobody had a 'real' bible handy. From that perspective it sounds to me like a good quick solution so they could get the cerimony done and over with.   I wonder though if you aren't christian, do you have to or can you swear in on whatever tome is holy in your tradition? Book of Shadows for the wiccan firefighters?...
I agree that most of these 'issues' are only issues to the tech press and the fans / haters.   I've always used my sister as a 'barometer' to test what the non-techy people think. She has my old iPhone 4. Last week I asked her if she had upgraded to iOS 6. She had - she upgraded within 2 days of it being released, because it popped up in iTunes as available. I asked if she heard of or was impacted by the 'Maps issue'. She had not heard of it, was not affected by it,...
Microsoft should have come to me to talk advertising. With a name like Surface, you gotta use....   Submarines!   Or am I the only one who hears Surface and thinks about submarines?
I'm going to take this eleventeenth maps-based article as an opportunity to just come right out and say it:   I don't have a problem with the Maps app. It's good enough for me.
They do seem to be working on it as an ongoing thing. I submitted a problem report for a location on Sunday and noticed it was fixed next time I looked at the map on Monday. Mind you it had the potential to be a serious problem - the spot the map had identified as a local hospital is in fact a large pile of rubble. The hospital moved years ago. (They did have the new hospital listed as well.)
"Where are all the RIM Playbooks on these charts?" -nobody
This doesn't make any sense. Winter's coming soon, my ipod's gonna catch its death of cold if it can't snuggle up in a nice warm sock.
If it could detect the direction a finger / thumb were moving, then it could serve as a 'joystick' in addition to being there for security etc.   That'd be cool - better than an on-screen controller, and an alternative to using gravity / accellerometer for game control.
  Absolutely yes yes yes!     I hate 'shopping' the app store. Search is nice but unless you already know the exact app you want, I find it's too broad and not useful. Especially when you're at the computer and have to do it through iTunes. I really wish they would a) pull the iOS app store out of the iTunes music store, and b) revamp it with more categories and sub-categories. I also agree with the suggestion of pulling games out and putting them in their own separate...
  When I read this, it makes me wonder if the implication is that the margins on iPhones that weren't subsidized is different?   If the margins are different for un-subsidized iPhones then what are those margins? And if the margins are the same for an iPhone regardless of if it was subsidized or not, then why make such a big deal about some of them being subsidized?
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