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I'm probably not the typical customer Apple's targeting with the ATV2 or rumoured ATV3, but I would love to see an ATV3 that had some onboard storage again. I primarily use my ATV for viewing my own content, and it's annoying to have to leave my computer turned on, logged on, and with iTunes running. Particularily as they made a big deal about the ATV2 being such a low-energy device, yet for me at least it's useless without an iMac chugging away in the background. I...
I just bought one last week for work, and it "just worked". I needed a laser printer with a duplexer, picked up an HP P2055DN and as soon as I plugged in the usb cable, it was recognized and I was printing my two sided documents. Running the latest Snow Leopard on a 3year old iMac. I love not needing to even open HP's install cd.
I'm not blaming Apple per se, but I'm thinking that if the exploit has been around long enough that it's apparently 'common practice' among scummy advertisers, then I don't understand why Apple is only hearing about it since the tech blogs have brought it to the public's attention.Tallest Skil - a protected cookie option would be stellar! As for who wants to click 20 boxes before visiting a website, well today, I would. Between my last post and this one, I cleared my...
One thing I haven't read in all the threads about this is, how can we fix it? Is Apple going to fix it? Is there a setting or something we can tweak? I've manually gone through the cookies on my iMac and weeded them from 2500+ down to about 40 "legitimate" ones. It makes me very unhappy that after manually deleting a bunch of crap, after an hour of browsing there's another 50 cookies from sites I did not visit - "Block cookies from 3rd parties and advertisers" seems...
When discussing the possibility that the Titanic may encounter ice that night, J. Bruce Ismay remarked -- perhaps jokingly -- "We shall increase speed so as to get clear of the danger as quickly as possible."Different CEO, similar strategic plan.
The Loop is also doing a live feed: http://www.loopinsight.com/2012/01/1...live-coverage/ Cheers!
I don't know about elsewhere, but around here (Canada, near Toronto) it's zed. I was reading it as H-zed-Oh.
I love my iPad2. If I wanted to put it in a purse I'd buy a bigger purse.
I was just thinking the same thing.
Personally, I love the iPhone 4 form factor. For me, the faster processor, faster camera, and Siri had me ready to pre- order come Friday. Then it became clear that Siri isn't going to be available in Canada. What the heck? I could see some features not working, like weather or restaurants. But what's regional about setting an alarm, or reading a text message? This is my disappointment. I'm not going to pay full price for a regionally crippled product.
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